White chrome nails are a stylish nail art design gaining popularity lately. This eye-catching look features a chrome finish in crisp white for a clean, futuristic effect. Though achieving the perfect white chrome look takes some skill, the stunning results make it worth the effort.

To get started with white chrome nails, first apply a base coat to protect the nails. Then paint on 2-3 thin coats of a bright white polish to create an opaque base. The fun part comes next – use a no-wipe chrome powder generously on each nail to get that mirrored finish. Seal it all in with a glossy top coat. The end result is beautiful nails that resemble liquid metal. White chrome nails offer a fashion-forward look suitable for any occasion.

After this intro, I will list 30 more white chrome nail art ideas that readers can try out. From glitter tips to negative space designs, the options are endless with this on-trend nail look. White chrome nails pair well with darker clothing and accessories, making the chrome really pop. For best shine, replace the top coat every 2-3 days. Give this futuristic nail trend a try with this stellar chrome manicure!

1. White Nails


Acrylic nails are slightly different from ordinary nails because they are made using a different technique. We all know perfectly well that white acrylic nails originated with Hailey Bieber and that she started the trend, so if you like them, go for them.

2. Pearly Nails


Acrylic powder and acrylic liquid are used for acrylic nails. When you choose to do these types of nails, be sure that you are working with a real manicurist or that you are sufficiently trained in this technique, because it is a bit more complex.

3. Longer Nails


This nail design fits absolutely all shapes and lengths, so you don’t have to adjust your favourite length or shape according to the colour and design. These nails also go well with everything you wear, darker or lighter versions of the outfit.

4. Almond Shape


If you are getting married soon or are planning to go to someone’s wedding and wear a white outfit or wedding dress, we have found the right nails for you. White nails go perfectly with your chosen outfit.

5. ,,Darker” White Nails


The opaque variant of white acrylic nails is ideal for all of you who don’t like transparent whitish colour with glitter over it. It goes perfectly with darker skin tones and when taking photos don’t forget a neutral background and a white shirt or any other outfit with long sleeves.

6. Transparent Nail


If for some reason it is too much for you to have all your nails in white acrylic colour, feel free to experiment with one nail and complete the look interestingly. Our recommendation is like this one from the photo so that you don’t jump out too much from the white colour, do something that goes with it. A clear butterfly nail in bright purple that glows is a beautiful example of that.

7. White Silver Nails


Just like pearls, only shaped into nails. We will agree that these nails are like real pearls because they change from white to silver and their shine is beautiful.

8. Natural Lenght


Natural nail length that has been painted over with white acrylic paint, for all of you who like to stay more natural and closer to that natural nail look. Nails that go with everything, remain beautifully noticed and will make you feel neat and fresh.

9. Acrylic Cube


Let’s turn to a slightly different shape of the nails, which is the square shape of the nail. This acrylic colour blends beautifully with the shape of the nails. Short nails will always be in fashion. Complete your look by adding rings in gold or silver.

10. Small Nails


How sweet! These nails are so small and irresistible, so you have to consider them when choosing your next nails. These types of nails are ideal for all of you who cannot have long nails for some reason and still want to remain beautiful and well-groomed.

11. White Sharp Nails


How radiant and noticeable! You just can’t help but notice these nails because of their shape, length and striking colour. These nails give us a luxurious vibe of a rich lady.

12. Contrast


Any colour of clothing goes well with white nails, and the biggest and best contrast is made by the black colour, which is its opposite. If you want to break up the blackness of your outfit, you can easily do it with white acrylic nails that will shine twice as much with black clothes, during the day and night.

13. Old Money Vibe


If you are a fan of the well-known old money vibe, these types of nails will perfectly accompany you in that and will complement your good taste and appearance. Even though these nails have been in fashion for a while and are very new, they will go well with the old vibe.

14. Perfect Lenght


The perfect length for all of you who like to be somewhere in the middle. Neither too long, nor too short, but ideal nails can be yours with a few dedicated hours of effort and acrylic skills. The effort pays off, and if you want your result to be like the one in the photo, we don’t know what you’re waiting for! 😉

15. Clear Nails


This photo gives us the impression of cleanliness, neatness and freshness when we look at it. Starting from the light, the outfit, the background and the beautiful nails. When applying liquid and powder, be careful because it spreads easily and you can easily make a mess. Complete your photo with some unusual jewellery.

16. Shining Nails


MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL, WHO’S THE SHINIEST OF THEM ALL?  Beautiful shining nails that are very striking and that people will easily notice, and we believe that many will be delighted because these nails are a must-have. Don’t wait for an excuse, get busy with nail art tools.

17. Shine Bright


Our suggestion is modern white nails. Especially during spring and summer, nothing is more beautiful than when we paint our nails white. White nails are chic and will make you look trendy. Take a look at all our suggestions and we are sure you will choose at least one nail from our list.

18. Chrome Nails That Take On The Colour Of Pearls


These nails are so white they have a hologram effect. Ever since Hailey Bieber started the trend with these nails, they have been one of the must-haves every month. We don’t think she made a mistake with them, do we? They are very innovative though and look so good!


The effect of the dark pink colour, which, among other things, also looks purple on these nails, gives a new perfect dimension to the beauty of this nail art. Not only is it specific and beautiful, but it looks wonderful and we are sure that the person with these nails enjoyed wearing them!


French is absolutely #1 when it comes to nail art. It can be done in various colours, with various bases underneath. The black French was once also famous, as well as French pastel shades in various colours. Also, if this technique is already everywhere, why wouldn’t it be combined with Chrome nails? Two very big trends in one give guaranteed non-progressiveness!

21. Luxury Chrome Nails


Doesn’t this lovely colour exude luxury? This technique is something you can’t go wrong with and it is a very big trend for a reason. It looks fantastic on every nail shape, which is one more reason to try to experiment as much as possible, whether you’re a fan of experiments or not!

22. Very Long White Chrome Nails


Very long does not necessarily mean kitsch. What’s more, they are not particularly striking (of course, not in an ugly way), but they look very interesting! These nails are promising, and in combination with a black outfit, you will entice sighs!

23. Almond Nail Shape + Unsurpassed Chrome Technique


Have you noticed how these colours change in the light? From white pearl colour to soft pink, all the way to grey! Plus, with this nail shape that certainly looks the most beautiful, you will never be able to regret that you decided on such a wonderful nail art!

24. Hailey Bieber Nails! (But Shorter)


Yes, yes, we all know these nails are better known as “Hailey Bieber Nails” instead of “Chrome Nails”. Since this invasion of chrome colour started to spread rapidly, all nail artists surely have a lot of work to do regarding this nail art. We’ll be honest… they’re so worth it!

25. Baby Boomer + Chrome!


Another combination of two wonderful techniques that go beautifully together. It’s amazing how creative people can be and how by combining two beautiful things they can create miracles.

26. Glazed Donut Nails


As the description says, “Glazed Donut Nails” is the ideal name to describe this image. The perfect shine with which these nails catch the eye is something you will love the most if you decide to do them. Beautiful, simple, unique! Do you need another reason to decide on them? 😉

27. Stiletto White Chrome Nails! 


This beautiful background behind them! Don’t they go beautifully with the blue of the water? With that, we would like to suggest that these nails would go perfectly with you on a trip to the sea or to any exotic, tropical place!

28. White Chrome Nails And Gloomy Weather 


This picture is absolute proof that these nails are wonderful and go with every season and for every occasion. They shine in the sun, stand out in cloudy weather and are always dominant. Aren’t they wonderful?

29. Medium Almond Soft Chrome Nails!


The pretty colour is so gentle, beautiful and appropriate. It’s so girly and fits beautifully! If you’re a fan of soft colours and if you can’t resist using them at every opportunity to show your coquette side, these nails are an absolute hit for you!

30. Milky Chrome Nails With Catchy Details


Oh, just look at these nail details. Don’t they go beautifully with the colour that is on them? These nails can have a spooky and winter vibe, it’s up to you what occasion you will use them for… and honestly, they are so beautiful that you can wear them in all seasons!

Achieve the standout white chrome nail look following the technique above. Then try the 30 stunning designs featured later for showstopping nails that make a bold fashion statement.

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