Summer is here and it’s time to break out the bright, bold colors! Tropical nail art is the perfect way to capture the fun, carefree vibe of the season. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing 30 beautiful tropical nail designs that will have you feeling like you’re on vacation even if you’re just sitting at your desk.

Tropical nail art typically features bright, saturated shades like coral, lime green, turquoise, and sunny yellow. Palm trees, pineapples, hibiscus flowers, parrots, sea shells, and other vacation-inspired motifs are also common. The colorful patterns and nature themes evoke the feeling of lounging on a tropical beach with a piña colada in hand. Tropical manis are playful and cheerful – the complete opposite of boring nudes and French tips. They’re ideal for summer but can inject a bit of brightness into cold winter days too.

So get ready to show your inner beach bum! 30 tropical nail designs are coming your way. Which one will you try first?

1. Tropical French

This slightly “stained” French in bright colors is our first candidate for the next tropical season. These bright colors go great with tanned skin on sunny and hot days. Don’t forget to find some lovely background with palm trees while photographing your new nails.

2. Palms & Flamingo

Aruba vibe, isn’t it? The well-known pink flamingos in Aruba are a real attraction, and you can take good photos with them for your Instagram profile because they are unusually tame. If you want to remember summer in these winter days, you can be inspired by this photo, because summer is in us even when cold days are.

3. Flowers & Palms

If you are planning a long vacation in a tropical place and you don’t want to do long nails that you won’t be able to change for a certain time because of the vacation, our advice is to do some nails like the ones in the photo. A simple manicure with soft pink gel and simple drawings of flowers and palm leaves is something that takes a short time.

4. Orange French

Shining French! This is a set of beautiful bright colors that give us tropical vibes. The gloss that is coated on the nails is a hit, and the different color of polish that is underlined with each French is something that completes this look. The idea is great and we highly recommend it.

5. Ananas

One of the main symbols of tropical places and one of the sweetest fruits in the world on your nails, why not? Pineapple done in light blue color is a true representative of summer and hot tropical days, which we wish would never end and we were on the beach every day, with a glass of crushed pineapple or with cubes of this wonderful fruit.

6. Watery Nails

The details on these nails, which are transparent, give us the impression that they have just come out of the water. The transparent drops prove it the most. The nail design is attractive and we believe it will attract a lot of attention and is also very unusual.

7. Tropic Butterflies

The orange color gives us the impression of a tropical bar and colorful summer cocktails on summer nights on the beach. Tropical areas are generally known to be full of beautiful creatures, such as the butterflies found there. Butterflies have beautiful colors and dimensions, and they can easily “land” on your nails and make them more beautiful.

8. Double Trouble

If you are going on a vacation with your mother, sister, friend or other female person and are looking for inspiration for your summer nails, we have selected this perfect duo for you. The colors are the exact opposite, but still beautiful. Combinations of fireflies and flowers, all the way to eyes and snakes are a good way to present your vision of tropical landscapes interestingly.

9. Fishes

What’s an ocean/sea vacation without our sea buddies? Not a single summer can pass without them, and ocean buddies are beautiful creations that we can find in certain ocean depths. You can find inspiration in the cartoon Finding Nemo because there are the most beautiful fish, some of which are represented in this photo. This design takes more time due to its bulkiness.

10. colorful Palms

If you are tired of simple green palm leaves on your nails, we have come up with a new proposal just for you. Palm trees in a variety of colors will be your favorite because of their appearance, soft colors and glitter-coated nails. All you will need is a couple of colors (you can choose any, the photo certainly serves as an example and inspiration), white varnish as a base and a thin brush with which you will draw the leaves.

11. Simple Green Palm Nails

From the edition of matte nails, we highlight palm leaves in a simple green color. These types of nails can be the right choice for all lovers of minimalism. This does not require too much of your time and effort, and yet it looks beautiful.

12. Sea Friends

Wow, what adorable creatures! Take your sea friends with you on vacation this time too. Adorable octopuses, turtles and other creatures are an irresistible way to express your creativity. The ideal shape for this design is the almond shape of the nails.

13. Stitch

No topic about tropical landscapes, designs and other things can go without the well-known Stitch, which is known for its tropical origins. The 3D flower design adds to the look, and we believe you’ll get noticed on the beach with your eye-catching nails.

14. Tropical Plants

This light blue color is synonymous with summertime and summer days. These nails exude summer, and if we add some tropical plants to them, we get the perfect combination for our next nails. Any nail shape is ideal with this design.

15. Sea Stars

Take a moment and look at these nails. What a wonderful design this is, which left us breathless. This design is a real challenge for all nail artists. We believe that it takes a lot of time and skill, but also patience. But just imagine how your hard work would pay off because we’re sure you’d attract admiration and attention with nails like these. This deserves to be on our inspiration list. Take the ocean with you even after your vacation.

16. Mandalas

Feathers, mandalas & eyes remind us of the atmosphere in Bali. That place is made up of different cultures and beliefs, and we think that’s why it’s beautiful and special, in its strange way. I’m sure that everyone wanted to visit Bali sometime, and those who have been would be happy to return there. If that’s the case, these nails are the perfect choice for you.

17. Pastel Tropical colors

Pastel colors that you can use to represent a tropical place or summer. The combination of these three colors is perfect and only one thin brush is needed for application. The ideal jewellery to go with this is gold colored and goes beautifully with a tan.

18. Lilo & Stitch

Tooki ba waba!

I laila, ‘O Kaua’i laNo malihini ‘ohana …

Our two adorable tropical friends and their most famous song about family. Isn’t it cute? This nail design reminds us of that wonderful movie about two best friends and their love.

19. Enchanting Flamingo

Taylor Swift once said she was enchanted to meet her boyfriend, and we’re enchanted by these nails and this stunning flamingo. It exudes elegance and beauty, and in addition to the beautiful pink color, there are also interesting colors and designs of palm trees.

20. Cute Avocados

So simple, yet beautiful and interesting. These two irresistible avocados are looking for their new friend, and they just might find it in you. Bright colors can symbolize summer, and avocado is a light summer food that is most often served in tropical restaurants.

21. Tiger

As in their nature, tigers easily hide among leaves, so much so that they remain unnoticed. But on your nails, they will be very easy to notice because of the eye-catching colors and designs, as well as the length of the nails.

22. Lightning

Lightning everywhere is the main symbol of summer storms that cannot pass without thunder and lightning. The color is matte and these two shades go perfectly together. If you’re a fan of summer storms, and I believe most of us are, then I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Make this beautiful design.

23. Cute Symbols

Bananas, watermelons and other fruits, as well as flamingos and other wild animals in the form of these adorable symbols and designs on your nails. This is an adorable way to bring the spirit of summer with you wherever you go.

24. Beach

A tropical island on your nails now and immediately. We believe that this has awakened your desire to immediately sit down and do nails like this. These colors and this design perfectly represent a tropical day when the sun is shining and you can hear the sound of the waves that never stop working. Any comments regarding the choice of colors are superfluous, and we leave it to you to do these nails.

25. Green Nails

We will all agree that the color green is a symbol of tropical areas, mainly because of the palm trees and other plants that grow there. Palm trees symbolize abundance, eternal life, fertility, happiness, growth, longevity, righteousness, victory and wisdom.

26. Neon Frogs

Neon frogs are mostly poisonous frogs that are found in tropical regions around the world. Despite the danger they bring with their appearance, they also bring beautiful colors and looks. Some are so small that they are barely noticeable among the huge plants on the islands, but their color gives them away.

27. Waves

Something like French in a slightly different edition. From the French, you can pour a really small sea wave that is permeated with a white line and some glitter that can symbolize the rays of the sun refracting on the water.

28. Toucans

Did you know that toucans only weigh up to 500 grams? Isn’t that adorable? These exotic birds are recognizable and interesting to everyone because of their colorful beak, which is bigger than themselves. We believe that it will be interesting to do this kind of painting on the nails.

29. Watermelon Sugar

Watermelon is another representative of summer and the fruit that best cools us down on hot days. When you see a watermelon, you will immediately think of hot summers on the beach, and to revive the spirit of summer even on these cold days, you can draw some watermelon on your nails to remind you that summer is getting closer every day.

30. Simple Nails

Simple nails in simple colors with one drawn detail. This is a fantastic example for all of you who don’t tend to spend too much time doing your nails and for all of you who are into simplicity. Bright colors are attractive for this time of year.

31. Ocean colors

All the colors of the ocean are in one place with added gilding. The ocean is a beautiful creation of Mother Nature and all the colors of this world are found in it. Isn’t that beautiful? Bring a little ocean to your nails. Don’t forget small decorations like shells.

32. Little Flamingos

And again, flamingos. The last, but still beautiful ones are on our selection of top thirty summer nails. These flamingos remind us of something a Barbie doll would do, don’t they? Pink and blue are opposites, but they go too well together. The small square nail shape is the ideal length for all of you who don’t like to have long nails, but no matter what, this design goes with all shapes.

I hope this post has provided tons of tropical nail art inspiration for your next manicure. With 30 different bright, cheerful designs to choose from, you can rock vacation vibes all year long. Let me know which ones you end up trying! Thanks for reading.

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