Are you a fan of all things celestial? Do you find yourself gazing up at the night sky, mesmerized by the twinkling stars? If so, star nail designs are the perfect way to bring a bit of that celestial magic down to earth and onto your fingertips.

Star nail designs are versatile, and can be as subtle or as bold as you like. Whether you’re looking for a simple accent nail, or a full-blown cosmic manicure, there are endless ways to incorporate stars into your nail art. From delicate star outlines to intricate star constellations, the possibilities are truly endless.

Stars are a symbol of guidance, hope, and beauty, and adding them to your nails can help to express your own personal style and sense of wonder. Whether you’re a fan of minimalist nail art or love to go all out with bold and extravagant designs, star nail designs can be customized to fit your preferences.

So, get ready to be inspired! We’ve gathered 30 stunning star nail design ideas that are sure to make your nails sparkle and shine like the stars in the sky. Whether you prefer glitter, metallics, or bold pops of color, these designs will help you to create a dazzling and celestial manicure that is out of this world.

1. Night Gold Star Nails

Are you mesmerized by the captivating night sky? Let’s have them on your nails with a deep green backdrop. By adding golden chrome stars, ranging from large ones to small dots, you can create a nail design that resembles a planetarium.

2. Gold Glitter Star Nails

This manicure is a perfect idea for weddings or Christmas parties. The gold glitter and white stars nail art make the nails eye-catching on a soft baby pink base.

3. Purple Night Sky Stiletto Nails

If you enjoy detailed night sky designs on long stiletto nails, this one is for you! A captivating purple base that shifts lighter in color gradually is adorned with small white stars on each nail, resulting in a cute look!

4. Birthday Theme Nails with Stars

Get ready to sparkle with these nails that look like confetti popped on your birthday! Big white stars are drawn between the colored confetti pieces and they look amazing on the lilac color nail polish. You have to try it!

5. Summer Fun White Stars on Blue Nails

Wanna try one of the trendiest nail design featuring white stars on blue nails? They add sparkle and make the almond fingertips be ready for a fun summer look. Pair them with fabulous makeup for a perfect look at any occasion.

6. Black Stars Square Nail Design

How can short square nails painted with nude nail polish be taken to another level? With gorgeous black stars, of course! Both big and small black stars are randomly placed on the nail and the sparkling stars between them create a beautiful detail. Give it a shot.

7. Shimmering Chrome Stars

It is so simple to turn your short nails into a masterpiece! First, mix and apply a few pastel colored nail polishes to your square cut nails. Then add gorgeous stars applied with silver chrome nail polish in large and small sizes. It can be difficult to apply at home, so you can get help from a manicurist.

8. Elegant White Stars on Black Nails

Shimmering white stars can easily stand out over a glossy black nail polish, right? Then, after applying black nail polish on your short nails, draw big stars and decorate them with small dots.

9. Blue Chrome Stiletto Nails with Stars

Wow, this nail art is so chic! It has a navy blue chrome base color that looks stunning with the sharp stiletto manicure. And, the big white star accent nail really pops and adds a fun touch to the whole look!

10. Stars on Rainbow Nails

The combination of the reverse pastel rainbow gradient and the white stars creates a whimsical and dreamy aesthetic. The transition of colors in upper and lower parts of the nails is just amazing!

11. Shiny Stars on Square Nude Nails

How about adding some iridescent stars and white dots to your sheer pink square nails? This playful look is anything but subtle and is sure to turn heads!

12. Silver Chrome Nail Tips and Black Stars

The silver chrome on tips provides a sleek and modern base for long almond nails while the black stars on two accent nails add a touch of fun and whimsy. It’s a great combination for anyone who wants their nails to stand out!

13. Witchy Navy Blue Star Nails

This coffin manicure is absolutely amazing! It’s perfect for those who love a bit of witchy magic, with its glittery navy blue base and shiny gold chrome stars. The glossy topcoat adds a touch of brightness that balances out the dark shade and adds maximum shine.

14. Christmas Star Nails

If you are looking for a fun nail design for the holiday season, look no further! With just a few colors and a little bit of time, you can create a festive and eye-catching look. Apply a white glittered nail polish on your oval nails and draw red, green and yellow colored stars on each nail. Merry Christmas!

15. Mint Green and Gold Oval Star Nails

Looking for a playful and enchanting nail design? Why not try out some shimmering gold star stickers, round gems, and mint green tips on your elegant nude oval nails? It’s a fun and whimsical way to add some personality to your look!

16. Pastel Star Ombre Nails

Get ready to love your nails with this ombre motif! The color gradient of yellow, pink and green is fantastic and adding minimalist white star designs can take it to the next level, creating a splash.

17. Autumn Star Accent Nails

Autumn is such a great season that it shows beautiful colors on nature! That’s why, you can have your long almond nails painted in a dark shade of yellow and add  stunning autumn stars on two accent nails. White stars look amazing with a pink and gold chrome base.

18. Gold Glitter Star Nails on Nude

These long square nails adorned with golden stars have an elegant appearance that seamlessly complements any glam look. The addition of the golden stars is what makes this nail design shine out.

19. Gold Chrome Stars with Pink French Tips

To add a sweetness to the chrome star pattern, use some pops of pink. Consider painting each tip with a unique shade of pink for a French manicure twist, and apply star designs with matching gems to create a pop of color.

20. Galactic Almond Star Nails

If you love having nails with a galaxy theme, this one is for you. Stunning space-inspired nail art above is created with celestial elements such as stars and galaxies on a dark base color of black or deep blue, adorning long almond-shaped nails.

21. White Stars on Vibrant Red Nails

The main color of this nail design is a bright, bold red that reminds us of the hot and sunny days of summer. To make it even more fun, you can add some little white stars and dots to your nails to give them a twinkling effect.

22. Velvet Pink Barbie Star Nails

If you’re a fan of barbie look, then you’re going to absolutely love these hot pink velvet star nails! They’re exactly what you need in your life. And the best part? The gold starry nail stickers add a fun touch.

23. Cute Gel Nails with Mushrooms & Stars

If classic star nails aren’t for you, why not try a different design? Apply a dark purple nail polish to your stiletto nails as a base. Then add green glittered effects and draw little red mushrooms on some nails. The white stars and little dots placed around them are enough to make these nails sweeter!

24. Almond Nails with Midnight Stars

This mani is simply heavenly! It’s velvety, dreamy, and celestial all at the same time. The silver velvet, midnight blue strips, and sparkling star decals all come together beautifully to create a moody night sky nail art that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

25. American Flag Star Nails

Let’s paint your nails to look like the American flag. You can use red, white, and blue nail polish to create the stripes and stars of the flag. You can show yoır American spirit for the Fourth of July with these starry flag.

26. Colorful Chrome Nails with Stars

Almost like a mirror, these square chrome nails will make you stylish! Each nail has a different ombre effect and all of them have chrome stars in different colors. Give these nails a chance to shine wherever you go.

27. Glittered Half Star Square Nails

Have you seen this cool star nail design? It’s really unique because the glittery stars are cut in half and placed on opposite sides of each nail, which makes them stand out even more against the pale pink base. It’s definitely worth checking out!

28. Black Stars on Silver Glittered Nails

Wanna have fun with your long almond nails? First, apply a nail polish with silver and colored sparkles. Then draw half stars on the right and left parts of the nail with a black nail polish. In addition, the bright stones placed in the centers of the stars rock the whole look.

29. Black and Beige Tips and Stars

Black and beige french tips are a great choice! And to make them even more adorable, you can add some cute reverse colored stars as embellishments on your short oval nails! Trust us, it’s a great way to add some extra prettiness to your nails!

30. Stars on Ombre Nails

When pastel colors blend together from a delicate shade of pink to a serene blue, the resulting effect is breathtakingly beautiful. And to add an extra touch of glamour, shimmering golden chrome stars, moons, and dots are delicately placed on top!

31. Pretty Nail Design with Cats & Stars

If you are a fan of crazy nail designs, you will definitely love these detailed and cute nails! Different nail art is used on each nail and the stars are in the foreground. In addition to the intense pink color and starry nails, sweet cat stickers are also used.

32. Neon Star Nails for Summer

If you feel like your simple nude pink nails need some excitement, you can make them pop by adding neon-colored star nail art. Use neon yellow, green, pink, orange, and purple to create the stars. You’ll be surprised at how this simple addition can make your nails go from basic to glamorous!

33. Clouds & Stars on Lilac Nails

Start painting your nails with a pretty shade of lilac nail polish. Once that’s dry, you’ll then use a thin brush to add white paint in the shape of clouds and silver stars. This gives the nails a dreamy, ethereal look, like you’re looking up at a cloudy and starry sky.

Add a touch of cosmic magic to your manicure with these 30 stunning star nail designs. From subtle accents to bold constellations, there’s a design for every style and preference. Get ready to shine like the stars in the sky with these celestial-inspired nail art ideas!

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