Flurries of inspiration are headed your way! As the weather gets chillier, it’s time to warm up your look with some wintry nail art. Snowflake nails are the perfect way to embrace the cold weather in style.

These frosty nail designs will have you feeling like the queen of the tundra. With delicate lace-like patterns and icy crystalline shapes, snowflake nails transform your fingertips into a winter wonderland. The options are endless – from minimalist black and white snowflakes to pops of blue, silver, and white for a blizzard of beauty on your nails.

After getting inspired by the stunning snowflake nail ideas below, you’ll be ready to let it snow! Try out different designs and color combinations to find your perfect snowy style. Don’t forget to layer on a shiny topcoat to give your snowflakes that glistening, freshly fallen look. This season, stay warm in style by unleashing your inner Elsa to create the ultimate snowflake mani!

1. Long Eye-catching Nails


December is approaching and therefore we are getting closer to that holiday spirit we are looking for as many ways as possible to decorate everything around us, and one of those ways can be found on our nails. We have selected for you this December nail design in pink color with snowflakes, which is very eye-catching and beautiful, it has soft colors.

2. Matte N Shiny


A combination of matte nails with shiny nails for all of you who can’t decide between these two techniques. We recommend that you always use a different color of gel polish for the base of the nail, which contrasts with white so that the flakes are more noticeable. Clear gel is not the best choice for these types of designs.

3. Dark Green Nails


It doesn’t have to be all winter related to blue and white, it can be in different variations, such as this dark green color combined with silver glitter and white flakes. The length of the nails is up to you, but this natural short shape fits well.

4. Simple Nails


A perfect set of gentle shades for winter nails in a simple way. White color, with a delicate ballerina pink color with silver accessories, is a wonderful combination of colors with which you can easily mark the winter days, without spending a lot of time and materials. It is not so demanding, so we believe that you will enjoy making these types of nails.

5. Red


Snowflakes do not necessarily have to be made in their natural white color. You can experiment with them in many ways and we are sure that you will not go wrong whatever you choose. These red snowflakes are very elegant and graceful and go well with cold winter days. They are simple, yet beautiful.

6. Milky Nails


The milky white color is slightly different from the usual white varnish. It fits very nicely on every shape of the nail, so you can use it as a base for the nail on which there will be a snowflake because the difference will be visible and it will go well together because the milk color is a shade darker than the usual white color.

7. Silver And White


Short, small and adorable. Snowflakes on a pink base of the nail with small details of silver color that appear at the ends, something like French in a slightly different way and on a different shape of the nail. You can use this design for whatever nail shape you want, it fits perfectly with an almond shape, for example.

8. Christmas Trees


In addition to snowflakes as the harbinger of winter days, we will agree that there are also Christmas trees. The Christmas tree is also a great symbol of winter and the first snow, so it works great as a design for your next nails. A simple transparent or light pink gel polish will be an ideal base, and a darker and lighter shade of green will be perfect for small trees.

9. Baby Blue


The baby blue color is a symbol of winter days because that blue color is most often associated with snow and winter. The shade of the color is beautiful and goes perfectly with white outfits and white snowflakes on the nails. With this color mix, you will always have a good result.

10. French


And of course, not a single nail-related list can do without the well-known French. Every nail artist has created a French design at least once a day because French is something simple and much sought after. We have singled out for you a slightly unusual French, because on certain nails that French “flows” from the tip into the rest of the nail and creates a perfect shape that semi-encircles the nail and creates a beautiful and noticeable effect. Royal blue color mixed with white is a perfect combination.

11. Baby Pink


Another variant of nails with a baby pink color that has a warm and gentle shade. For all those who feel like gentle princesses, this color is ideal for you. The pink color will always go best with white outfits or beige outfits.

12. Gentle Snowflakes


A slightly stronger shade than the transparent gel, which is still striking. The big white snowflakes on the nails with zircon in the middle will catch people’s attention and we believe everyone will like it because of its simplicity. Simplicity is always beautiful, so you won’t go wrong with this choice.

13. Snowflakes Everywhere


For all girls who have festival spirit! A beautiful almond shape with beautiful colors that are not offensive, but moderate and lovely. Again, a kind of simplicity or minimalism that will make you feel beautiful, tidy and gentle.

14. Strong Red


A strong red color, a color reminiscent of a rotten cherry, red wine or the precious stone ruby. A beautiful color for wonderful winter days, a color that will make you feel feminine and attractive, but at the same time cosy and soft. The red color is something that girls choose most often and with that choice, you will always win.

15. Minimalistic


A beautiful design of minimalist nails that resemble some kind of silk or some other delicate material. Nails that go fantastically with any combination of clothes, whether they are darker or lighter, with gloomy and sunnier winter days.

16. French Again


French again in a similar way to the previous French that we set for you and described above. This French is a slightly lighter blue, a pastel blue, while the last one is a royal blue which is extremely dark. This French also flows over the rest of the nail, only this French now makes a whole circle around the nail.

17. Pink Shining


Another variant of pink nails that shine, only this time instead of silver, a darker pink color was chosen. These few shades create a perfect palette of colors that can easily be found on your nails and do not require too much technique, materials or time. The nails look nice, very neat and clean.

18. Brown Nails


Brown long nails with zircons and snowflakes. Isn’t there a better way to celebrate the holidays than with lots of decorations, both in the house and on the nails? With more decorations, your nails will be eye-catching – and the longer they are, the more beautiful they are.

19. Chocolate Nails


Short but sweet – you will enjoy these nails. This color is not so common when it comes to the Christmas holidays, so it’s enough of a difference that will make you unique. Flakes are the ones that prevail, so it’s enough to have them and enjoy them.

20. Glittery Nails


Snowflakes with a lot of glitter! Is there anything cuter you could do on your nails than this beautiful nail art? The blue color with which the snowflakes are drawn is particularly beautiful and catches the eye. Do you like it? We do!

21. Golden Yellow


Gold details and more snowflakes, this nail art is specially gilded with this wonderful technique. It looks like a deeper French, and the white flakes go perfectly with this color. With gold rings, these nails will get a new dimension of beauty!

22. Black Snowflakes


Who says that small, short and cute nails can’t be striking and interesting? These nails have a beautiful pink color on them, some flakes and French done in pink glitter. They are beautiful and perfect for this most beautiful time of the year! Why not try them?

23. Blue Glitter


The glitter blue French and white flakes go beautifully with the base that is on these nails. It’s in the color of the nails, not so striking, it’s absolutely in its place and expresses the very interesting nail art done on the nails. White, red and blue are the colors of the holidays that await us – why not do your nails in these colors?

24. Gingerbread Nails


Do these nails remind you of gingerbread cookies, only with flakes on them? The brown color on them gives the sweet impression of the famous ginger cookies, which are an absolute hit every year when it’s winter. Very interesting and different, these nails will take you out of your comfort zone and you will like them!

25. Natural Nails


White Russian chrome colors + snowflakes! Why not combine various combinations that could eventually turn out to be something that would trigger an avalanche of interest and that could mark the beginning of a new trend? These beautiful nails could do just that! Simple and wonderful, they are absolutely every girl’s winter dream!

26. Longer Nails


Baby boomer nails with lots of glitter and flakes are something every girl would want. There’s a lot of pink here, so we’re sure that absolutely every girl would love this nail art! They are long but neat – which is the most important thing!

27. Blue Snowflaked Nails


Sparkly blue winter nails are a must-have this winter! They go perfectly with the whole festive vibes and euphoria. At the same time, this darker blue color is completely underrated, so it should be worn more often! Will you be one of those who will give it a chance? 🙂

28. Santa Claus Nails


Red nails! The color of love, joy, holidays and course – Santa Claus! We can see here just his cap, as well as interesting patterns related to holidays. Snowflakes are indispensable and are combined with white and red colors. Aren’t these nails so irresistible?

29. Black Lined Nails


Black flakes! Why not give them a chance? Combined with this line art done by the French, this is truly a sensation. Of course, you can try this kind of nail art in various colors and we are sure that it would look equally beautiful with any other color!

30. White French


White snowflake French. These nails are very simple- with a light base and white color, they exude classicity. They are ideal for girls who want to do some winter motifs without knowing exactly what they want on their nails. If you don’t want to overdo it, these nails are ideal!

31. Icy Queen Nails


Did this perhaps remind you of the famous Disney movie Frozen? Elsa was definitely the Icy Queen, and you can be that too with snowy, “icy” nails like this! There are a lot of details, every nail is different and it’s beautiful. Snowflakes, glitter and bows, is there anything more beautiful?

Get ready to unleash your creativity and channel the magic of winter with these beautiful snowflake nail designs! Which frosty ideas will you try first?

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