Blue is such a classic and versatile nail color that never seems to go out of style. And this season, royal blue is emerging as one of the hottest shades for nails. Unlike navy blue which can look a bit somber, royal blue has a vibrancy that adds flair to any manicure. The rich, saturated hue is eye-catching yet still sophisticated. Royal blue nails will make a statement whether worn polished to perfection or designed with creative nail art.

In today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing 30 fabulous royal blue nail ideas to inspire your next manicure. You’ll find everything from subtle designs like simple stripes to bold looks featuring rhinestones, chrome, and more. Royal blue lends itself well to many different nail art styles and techniques. And since it’s a bolder shade, a little bit goes a long way – you don’t need a lot of embellishment for the color itself to stand out.

Most of these designs can be DIY’ed at home with some patience and basic tools. But you may want to visit your local nail salon for extra-intricate art or if you want an expert to apply acrylics or gel polish. The average price for a basic royal blue manicure is $15-30 depending on what you get done. Read on for gorgeous ways to wear this regal blue hue on your nails!

1. Royal Blue

Blue is the colour of peace and relaxation. In any shade, the blue colour will not turn out offensive and ugly. The colour royal blue is extremely elegant and there is a good reason why it is called the colour royal blue because it resembles something royal in many ways.

2. Royal Hearts

The royal blue colour is in different shades. If the colour royal blue is too strong for you, you can break it up with some lighter shades or by drawing certain details, like a heart, or any other shape you like.

3. Natural Nails

Natural nails that are coated with a firming gel and royal blue colour. This colour is, among other things, the colour of autumn because of its strength. Such nails will always be noticed because of their colour, regardless of their length and shape.

4. Royal Blue & White

Slightly longer nails than natural ones, which remain in that natural shape and size. If you don’t want all your nails to be too strong blue, you can ideally combine it with white and make some nail scheme so that you have fewer blue nails, and on the white, you can add small dots of blue for balance and contrast.

5. Royal Snowflake

If you are looking for nails for winter days and have no idea what you could do, we have found the ideal photo for you as an example. Royal blue nails with winter snowflakes. It will add to the winter spirit and will go beautifully with your white outfits. Of course, you choose the shape and length yourself, because this design fits with whatever you choose.

6. Matte Royal Blue

Classic royal blue nails in a matte style. Elegant long nails that will ideally fit into an evening royal blue dress and a glass of red wine. We are sure that you will not go wrong with this choice.

7. Rich Royal Nails

Looking for something to complement your luxurious taste? You have come across the right post and the right people. The nails from the photo exude elegance and a luxurious, rich look. Although they are made with ordinary zircons, they give a very rich look as if they were made with diamonds. You will spend a lot of time making such nails, but you will not regret it and you will enjoy it.

8. Royal Butterflies

If you don’t want to go overboard with strong and dark colours but want a combination of lighter and darker shades, these nails are for you. The light blue colour on most nails will help you get noticed, and the royal blue butterflies on the clear gel will help you maybe inspire someone. This combination is beautiful.

9. Royal Flowers

Short cube-shaped nails with flower decoration. All you will need is one additional thin brush with which you will carefully draw a couple of flowers on one nail. The substrate should be white or transparent, due to the visibility of the flowers.

10. Royal Shiny Nails

Nails that shimmer in the light. These nails are a beautiful choice for all of you who like slightly longer nails with strong colours. Royal blue is an extremely elegant colour and is very feminine, so we are sure you will like it & that you will dominate.

11. All Blue

Classic and simple. All the nails are blue, without any details. They are great if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to sit for hours doing various details and decorations on your nails.

12. Classic Royal Blue

Classic royal blue A classic is something that will never go out of fashion, and royal blue is a colour that will always be noticed. It’s the colour of the deep ocean in summer and the cold winter in winter. It can fit in with any season, and maybe even from a favorite black dress in your closet! If this colour means stepping out of your comfort zone, then we recommend it, because we’re sure you won’t regret it!

13. Louis Vuitton Royal Nails

Who says you can’t transfer your favourite expensive brand to your nails with a noticeable royal blue colour, with shades of a lighter alternative? Nail art is something that you can always play with and experiment with, and we think that these nails are the ideal challenge for any nail artist that you can’t easily come across 😉

14. Minimalism Royal

Minimalist nails in royal blue colour. They don’t require too much time and effort, and the result is fantastic! You can leave the nail on the smallest finger transparent and draw a single blue heart on it. It will look beautiful, but too simple.

15. Royal Waves

Royal blue colour for glorious ocean waves. The ideal combination of lighter and darker shades will create a really small ocean oasis on your nails. All the colours fit together perfectly and create a small work of art.

16. Royal Lines

Blue and white lines down the middle of the nail, if you prefer. If for some reason you don’t like it, you can draw the same lines in any direction and we’re sure it will turn out just as nice as in the photo.

17. Blue And Red

Short beautiful royal blue nails with red flower polka dot details. Those two colours together are beautiful because they create a real royal atmosphere, for the reason that those two colours are represented when it comes to something royal and are also mostly associated with the richest blue blood families.

18. Royal Diamonds

Add a spicy look to your nails in the form of royal diamonds. A simple gel polish of light pink or transparent colour, on which you put diamonds in various shapes and various directions. Unleash your imagination and creativity will find its way to the surface.

19. Longer Royal Nails

Again, the nails are similar to the nails from the previous photo, in the form of diamonds and different shades of blue. From light blue to royal blue with diamond flowers. We are sure that people who like to be noticed will like this.

20. Black And Blue Line Art

When two colours go perfectly together, you can’t go wrong with the result. What characterizes this wonderful nail art are perfectly drawn lines that are elegant and spontaneous at the same time. Black and dark blue go perfectly together, so on these nails, they create pure perfection!

21. Cube Shape + Royal Blue Colour

What characterizes the simplicity are the different shapes of the nails. From spiky to almond, ballerina and cube, even the same colour with a different shape can look completely different. These nails are not particularly long, their length is reduced to a minimum, but they are striking and sweet. Pure pleasure for fans of the simple!

22. Almond Shape = The Most Beautiful Shape!

If you were wondering which nail shape is most often done and which will never go out of trend, then it is this shape. The almond shape of the nails is a shape that will elongate your fingers and give a special touch to your entire hand, and with a wonderful colour like this, your manicure will be a hit!

23. Nails With Crosses

This is so beautiful! Small accessories like these add a whole new dimension to nail art. And please, look at this nail colour game! Gives off a galaxy-related vibe. Dark colors when combined give a special result that you can never regret. With nails like this, you will surely be noticed!

24. Royal Blue Nails With Gilding!

What else characterizes the “royal” vibe if, in addition to the red colour, it’s not gold? The different shades of blue on these nails look perfect, and when they are mixed, they give a wonderful result.

25. Royal Blue And Very Dark!

Here, each nail is particularly beautiful and different, which is wonderful: one is full of glitter, another has a few zircons, the third is classic, and the fourth has a special pattern on it… you should always experiment with your creativity!

26. Luxurious Blue Nails

These nails exude a special luxury; maybe because of the way they were photographed or maybe because of the way the person in the picture is wearing them. One thing is for sure: if you prefer luxury and at the same time you are a minimalist and like the minimum of everything and simple, you will absolutely be satisfied with these nails and you will 100% return to them often!

27. Mermaid Blue Nails

We don’t know about you, but to us, these nails give off a special mermaid vibe! Transparent nails are often in trend lately and nail artists have certainly been working with them a lot in the past few years. It’s always good to combine the beautiful and the useful, especially when the result is this enchanting!

28. Glitter, Butterflies And A Lot Of  Blue Colour!

These nails are fantastic for those who like as many accessories as possible on their nails. Nails rarely go without some beautiful accessories such as butterflies, flowers or hearts! Everything is somehow in its place here, it is rich but unique and creative. Why not try it?

29. Glittery V Cut!

Some of you also call it French, but these are the nails that took our breath away. Not only that they are very precisely made and that they are neat and beautiful, but the idea itself is something that absolutely must be tried!

30. Long, Blue And Very Needed!

When it comes to nails, no girl can be indifferent. These are nails that may be for some who are eccentric, there is too much on them, but they are something you should try. Here, every nail is different, which can additionally amaze everyone who sees them! With these nails, don’t doubt that you will be the main sensation 🙂

31. Light Blue Nails With Royal Blue Lines

Line nail art has been quite popular lately and it’s popular for a reason. What is so sensational about them is that they are simple but at the same time a wonderful discovery. They can be combined in different ways with a lot of colours, and the combination of these two colours is something that will leave you breathless!

32. Classic Work On A Very Nice Shape!

This rounded cube shape is well known but not as much as the almond shape. However, we cannot deny that the shape is beautiful in its own way and that it can be worn in many ways and that each of those ways can be unique and wonderful. This color further adds to the fantastic look of this nail art. Uniqueness and beauty, what more is needed?

I hope these 30 gorgeous royal blue nail ideas have inspired your next stylish manicure! This regal shade lends itself to so many beautiful designs. Let me know which royal blue look is your favorite and be sure to tag me if you try any of these ideas on your own nails. Thanks for reading – stay tuned for more nail art inspiration!

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