Get ready to dive into the magical world of mermaids with these fun and whimsical nail art ideas! Mermaids have always captured our imaginations with their beautiful fish tails, seashell bras, and whimsical personalities. Bringing these mystical creatures to life on your nails is a great way to embrace your playful side.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing 30 different mermaid nail art designs and ideas to inspire your next manicure. You’ll find designs ranging from simple accent nails to elaborate mermaid scenes covering all 10 fingers. I’ll provide tips on techniques, suggest colors to use, and recommend ways to customize each look to match your personal style. Recreate these looks yourself at home with basic nail art supplies like striping tape, glitter, and nail polish in shades of green, blue, purple, and pearly white. Or bring these ideas to your local nail salon and work with your nail tech to achieve the perfect mermaid mani. Either way, these designs are sure to add a splash of ocean-themed whimsy to your nails!

1. Mermaid Nail Design

A mermaid manicure that looks like an actual shell is going to suit picky women and artsy women. If you ever want to enjoy something feminine and truly different, this is for you. Let the world know that you’re a fan of quirky ideas and that you like dramatic nails that others don’t have.

2. Long Acrylic Mermaid Nails

Super long nails with a dash of pink and white are going to look so playful and quirky. Long stiletto acrylic manicure such as this one is going to look amazing if you’re off to a party if it is your prom, as well as other similar events. Decorate it with pearls and glitter if you’re ready for something stylish and out of this world!

3. Mermaid Nails Powder Manicure

Try out these short chrome nails and enjoy the purple and blue color combo. If you love shiny nails and you prefer low-maintenance manicure ideas, as well as oval shapes, this is for you. You can easily recreate these nails on your own and you can enjoy their chrome and shine duo. If you have 20 minutes to spare just know that this is enough to achieve this design.

4. Mermaid Nails Shell Design

It takes a skilled nail tech to give you these same results. If you’re a fan of quirky looks and ideas and you truly love shells and marine life, these are for you. Make every nail unique and let it stand out by giving it a quirky twist!

5. Short Blue Mermaid Nails

Short light blue chrome nails are super easy to wear and recreate. If you have chrome nail polish and you want something comfortable and easy to wear daily, this is it! These nails will not crack, break, or peel + you can easily recreate them with just two key products and 20 minutes of your spare time.

6. Colorful Mermaid Nail Manicure

Try out this colorful chrome manicure and go for the mermaid ombré design if you’re someone who likes flashy and intriguing designs. These oval nails are going to come in handy for everyday wear and if you’re trying to make a subtle change to your everyday look. Prepare five different nail colors, and make sure that you have a glittery top coat for each of them.

7. Simple Mermaid Nails

These long coffin mermaid nails are a must-do for younger women who like acrylics. If you have an important event ahead and you want to make a statement with your chosen nail design, book this asap! You should go for a highly skilled nail tech and you should try out this design when going to parties and other important venues.

8. Long Mermaid Nail Manicure

A long mermaid manicure with loads of shell designs and symbols is only for those who are brave and bold. Try out different colors and patterns, as well as shades to enjoy this look. Anyone who prefers dramatic ideas and wild creations will like these gemstones. You should spare 2 hours when getting this design.

9. Mermaid Nails Gel Design

Combine pink and gold elements if you prefer feminine nail designs and you love girly creations. These nails also have a bit of that Barbie pink hue to them, making them a must-try for younger women who enjoy party nails. You should glue on top a ton of different gemstones and pearls to achieve these soft and smooth-looking mermaid nails.

10. White Mermaid Nails Shell Design

This manicure is only possible and achievable when done with acrylics. It is long, unique, as well as artsy, and not that easy to recreate on your own. This is why you should book a skilled nail tech and go for someone who knows how to do these retro shapes. Go for a shiny top coat and either a silver or gold layer to emphasize its beauty and femininity. Heads up as these nails can get quite pricey to do.

11. Blue And Purple Mermaid Nails

Combine blue and purple shades and give them a go with this ombré approach. If you like gemstone details and you also like glitter, this beauty has the best of both worlds for you! If you’re a fan of long and dramatic nails and you feel like expressing your inner mermaid through art, this is a piece worth exploring.

12. Mermaid Nails Short Manicure

You can attract looks and attention even when rocking shorter nails. These shell mermaid nails are for those who like their natural nails and they can’t grow their nails any longer than this. Go for light pastel shades to recreate these cute shell symbols. Every shell is different and unique in its own way, and every shell should have a gemstone or a pearl on top that will further add a touch of reality to your chosen manicure.

13. Simple Mermaid Nail Design

Simple and short blue nails like these are for ladies who like simple, quick, and easy nail ideas. You can achieve your manicure easily and with a couple of nail stickers. With 4-5 different types of nail polish, you will easily get this manicure in the comfort of your home.

14. Mermaid Nail Art

These are the perfect mermaid nails and nails that look very elegant and stylish. Combine these light pastel colors and star prints or designs with this beautiful and unique shape. If you like stars, sea creatures, as well as mostly anything that has a thing to do with Mother Nature and the sea life, this is for you. These nails are going to look the best when done in this giant and extravagant way.

15. Chrome Mermaid Nails

Chrome mermaid nails are a must-try for the spring season. If you prefer icy tones and you enjoy cute ideas that are easy to pull off on your own, this is for you. Go with this oval shape and decorate it with your favorite pearl detail or shell design on top. Anyone who is into cute and romantic nails will fall for this look.

16. White Icy Mermaid Nails

These white icy nails with giant pearls and gemstones are a must-do for ladies who enjoy marine life. You will love this manicure for your formal moments and special events, as well as gatherings that are important to you. Heads up as they can get quite pretty and tricky to do, which is why only the best nail artists should try giving them a go.

17. Mermaid Nail Chrome Mani

This pink and yellow chrome manicure is going to look so cute for everyday wear. If you love coffin nails and you enjoy longer looks + you want something that you can wear to prom, club, dances, or something else important, this is for you. Don’t forget a shiny top coat as well to seal the deal and set your manicure in place.

18. Mermaid Nail Pinterest Idea

Bright purple mermaid nails with a dash of pink are going to look so cute for everyday wear. If you like feminine, short, and cute nails and you’re a fan of glitter that you can’t resist, these are for you! Show them off knowing that not everyone is going to have this feminine and icy manicure, with a dash of mermaid vibes.

19. Easy To Do Mermaid Nail

These mermaid nails are quite easy to do. If you enjoy birder nails and you feel like DIYing your own nail design, this is for you. You will need only a couple of items and pieces, as well as three nail polish colors to achieve this manicure. Women who are in their twenties and those who like to express themselves through their own nails and nail art will fall in love with this gorgeous design.

20. Almond Mermaid Nails

Long almond nails that are colored in different ways are going to look so good on women who enjoy diversity. If you prefer sparkle, glitz, and glamour, as well as unique nail art, this is for you. Women who enjoy longer nails and those who want to try out feisty acrylics will fall in love with this look. If you are looking forward to the spring season and you’re ready for something new, we can vouch for this look.

21. Shell Shape Mermaid Nails

If you’re a fan of light blue shades and you love elegant bedroom ideas, we know that this is going to suit you. This beached-themed bedroom idea is going to suit mature couples the best, as well as those who prefer the old-school and classic way of doing their rooms.

22. Mermaid Nail Stickers

Mermaid nails are more than just a beauty trend; they’re a chance to channel the magic and allure of the ocean right at your fingertips. Whether you’re a seasoned nail artist or just dipping your toes (or nails!) into the world of nail art, mermaid nails offer a captivating and imaginative canvas for self-expression.

23. Bright Purple Mermaid Nails

The use of shimmering and iridescent nail polishes dates back to the early 2000s, but the mermaid nail trend truly took off in the mid-2010s when nail artists began experimenting with holographic, metallic, and opalescent finishes. The trend was further popularized through social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, where nail artists and enthusiasts shared their stunning creations,

24. Ombre Mermaid Nails

You can achieve these nails with 2-3 nail colors and some glitter. Try out this ombre pattern and apply as much glitter as you want to add attention and elegance to your nails. If you are into retro nails and you want an attractive manicure that is party-perfect, this will suit you.

25. Cute Nude Mermaid Nails

These ocean-inspired nails capture the magic and allure of the deep blue sea, bringing a touch of aquatic whimsy to your fingertips. This beige manicure with giant pearls will add so much femininity and elegance to your new manicure. Ready to rock these retro nails and in style?

26. Coffin Mermaid Nail Design

Mermaid nails, also known as ocean or sea-themed nails, have gained popularity for their ethereal and enchanting aesthetic. They draw inspiration from the mythical mermaids of folklore, whose captivating beauty and connection to the sea have fascinated people for centuries.

27. Long Purple Chrome Mermaid Nails

Mermaid nails typically feature a gradient of aquatic colors, so select your favorite shades of blue, green, and purple. This unique blend of purple and chrome will add so much style to your new feminine nails. If you enjoy longer nails and you also love this almond shape, these will look so good on you. Ready to slay them?

With so many amazing mermaid nail art ideas, you’re sure to find a design that’s perfect for channeling your inner sea creature! Customize these whimsical looks with blues, greens, and purples to create your own underwater paradise. A good top coat will help keep the mermaid magic alive. Now it’s your turn to bring these beautiful designs to life on your nails!

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