Well, well, well! Look what we have here! It’s a fierce and fabulous leopard print nail art design! This is the perfect look for anyone who wants to add a touch of wildness to their beauty routine. The leopard print is a classic pattern that never goes out of style, and it’s perfect for a night out on the town or a casual daytime look.

First, let’s talk about the style suggestions for this nail art design. A leopard print manicure is versatile and can be paired with a variety of outfits. For a chic and sophisticated look, pair it with a little black dress or a tailored blazer. For a more casual look, you can wear it with a graphic t-shirt and jeans. The possibilities are endless!

Now, let’s talk about the cost. The cost of a leopard print nail art design can vary depending on the complexity of the design and the location where you get it done. On average, a basic leopard print design can cost anywhere from $10 to $20. However, if you want a more intricate design or additional details like glitter or rhinestones, the cost can range from $25 to $50.

And, guess what? I have 30 different leopard print nail art designs to show you today! From subtle and elegant to bold and daring, there’s a design for everyone. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired by the wildest nail art designs you’ve ever seen!

1. Leopard Nails Designs


Combine the aspects of your French manicure and your cheetah print to get this unique pairing. If you prefer longer nails and you want an oval or almond manicure, this is going to suit you. Decorate the top with some black dots to get this feisty and feminine creation. You can try out both acrylics or your natural nails when recreating this look. If you are into elegance and you want a manicure that is going to suit you so well, you will not go wrong with this one.

2. Colorful Leopard Nails


Colorful and short nails with dots and playful elements are going to look the best on women who love to attract looks and attention. This manicure is also very retro and wild, making it a must-do for your next big party or other event.

3. Leopard Nails 2023


Black lines and dots are going to mimic the cheetah print easily. If you prefer longer nail designs and square shapes and you want to look like an actual little cheetah, this is for you! Show it off and add a dash of red or orange to attract even more looks and attention when enjoying these nails.

4. Leopard Nails Acrylic


These leopard nails are going to look so good on younger women. If you enjoy retro and colorful art and if you’re a fan of splashes of color, this will suit you. You might have issues doing this manicure on your own, which is why you should book the best nail tech out there. Women who love bright colors will go crazy over this design.

5. Coffin Leopard Nails


If you prefer simpler and smaller decorations and you love minimalism, this nail design is for you. Women who have only some minutes to spare and those who enjoy cute ideas will fall for this design. Try out some neon shades and colors to simply add glam and some vibrancy to the work itself.

6. Nude Leopard Nails


A nude gel base on your nail plate and a subtle pop at the top is super trendy and worth doing! If you prefer regular cheetah prints and if you enjoy classy designs, this is for you. You will love these tiger nails for formal moments and when trying to make an impression in the office or for other important venues. Women in their twenties will adore this look the most.

7. Black Leopard Nails


Combine several shades together and recreate these cute and elegant nails. If you’re a fan of shorter ideas and you prefer simplicity over anything else, this is going to suit you. Make sure that you give it a go with this oval shape if you wish to prevent it from cracking, peeling, or breaking. If you enjoy elegance and you are a low-maintenance person, just know that this is for you! Three subtle cheetah prints will make all the difference in your manicure.

8. Orange Leopard Nails


Cheetah nails are inspired by the iconic coat of the cheetah, the fastest land animal on Earth. The cheetah’s coat is adorned with beautiful, irregularly spaced black spots on a golden-yellow background, creating a pattern that has captivated designers and fashion enthusiasts for decades.

9. Blue And Purple Leopard Nails


The history of cheetah print in fashion dates back to the early 20th century when it first gained popularity among the elite. Initially, it was associated with luxury and wealth, often adorning the garments of the rich and famous. If you want to look luxurious and elegant, but also a tad bit quirky and colorful with your nails, you can’t go wrong with this manicure.

10. Leopard Nails Cheetah Print


Before you start, gather the necessary supplies, including nail polish in your chosen base color (typically a neutral shade like beige or light brown), black nail polish, a dotting tool or a fine nail art brush, and nail polish remover for clean-up.

11. Oval Nude Leopard Nails


Using a dotting tool or a fine nail art brush, carefully create irregularly shaped black spots on your nails. These spots should mimic the cheetah’s spots in terms of size and spacing. Remember that cheetah spots are not perfect circles; they have a unique shape that adds to the authenticity of the design.

12. Neon Leopard Nails


Nail art often serves as a form of self-expression, allowing individuals to convey their personality and interests through their manicures. Cheetah nails are no exception, and they carry their own unique symbolism. Go with this bright neon color to make a statement!

13. Classy Leopard Nails


Over time, the nail polish may chip or wear off. To keep your cheetah nails looking fresh, touch up any spots or lines with black nail polish and reapply the top coat as needed. If you like oval and classy manicure ideas + you love soft shades and subtle color ideas, you won’t regret this decision.

14. Simple Leopard Nails


Cheetah nails allow you to connect with the natural world. The animal-inspired pattern can be seen as a tribute to the beauty of wildlife and a reminder of our interconnectedness wit h nature. This classy beige and nude color combo is going to look amazing on different age groups and ladies of all backgrounds.

15. Retro Leopard Nails


The cheetah is known for its speed and agility, making it a symbol of confidence and boldness. When you wear cheetah nails, you may be expressing your own confidence and adventurous spirit. These might take some time to do, so make sure that you are patient with them.

16. Purple And Green Leopard Nails


Whether you create cheetah nails at home or visit a professional nail artist, this striking and timeless design is sure to turn heads and make a lasting impression. If you enjoy colorful and wild nail colors + you trust your nail artist and you want to look like a creative diva, this is for you.

17. Pink Leopard Nails


Healthy cuticles are essential for maintaining the overall appearance of your nails. Apply cuticle oil regularly to keep your nails and cuticles moisturized. This manicure is going to last you 4 weeks easily, just be careful with it.

18. Acrylic Leopard Nails Hot Pink And Purple


Try out colorful and wild shades and give it a go with this retro manicure. If you’re someone who likes wild patterns and outgoing playful nails, this is for you. Women who are in their teens are going to like this colorful and wild pattern. If you have an event where your main goal is to get looks and attention, you can’t go wrong with this design.

19. Short Leopard Nails For Women


Short leopard or short cheetah nails can look good when done the right way. If you enjoy low-maintenance nails and you are into cute patterns that can add so much definition to your nail place, these are for you. You will love this blend of blue, and gold, as well as the black and white cheetah print, especially if you are a teen girl. These nails are a must-do for your school, parties, or any relaxed event or venue where you wish to make a statement.

20. Leopard Nails Acrylic


Try out this purple leopard manicure and add subtle dots all over. If you’re a fan of lilac colors and you enjoy cute elegant nails, this is for you. Make sure that you file them properly and represent this elegant and beautiful shape for your next formal moment. You will love subtle pops of gold when recreating this design, as well as when trying to enjoy this stylish color combo.

21. French Leopard Nails


A French leopard manicure with a French print and subtle cheetah details is a must-do for ladies who love to look elegant and stylish at the same time. If you’re into office-friendly nails and you trust your nail stylist plus you want to try out something feisty and powerful-looking, this is for you. Enjoy its black, brown, and gold color combo, as well as its neat details and playful sexy appeal.

22. Blue Leopard Nails


Blue leopard nails with these black cheetah prints will look very cute and playful. If you fancy retro ideas and almost childish nails, these will suit you. The color blue is associated with positive and happy emotions, and most women who are in their twenties will like this design. If you enjoy square shapes or coffin manicure ideas, we suggest that you give this a try.

23. Leopard Nails Oval Shape


Go for a leopard print and an oval nail shape if you’re someone who likes cute and sexy nail ideas. Anyone who loves bright colors and wild color combos will fall for this look. This neon shade is going to look the best for the spring season, but you’re also going to love this manicure if you’re in your party mood! You won’t pay a lot for this design, yet you’re going to love showing it off everywhere you go.

24. Pink Oval Leopard Nails


Hot pink leopard nails and a couple of details or nail stickers can look so interesting. If you love bright shades and you prefer party nails, we know that this is going to suit you. Shape them in an oval or almond shape to enjoy their elegant appearance and the fact that they don’t crack or break as easily. Don’t forget a durable top coat to prolong their wear time everywhere you go.

25. Leopard Nails Square Manicure


These long nails and this coffin shape are a must-try for parties and younger women. You will love its light mint and pastel color combo if you’re someone who loves classy and elegant ideas. Women who are very picky about their nails and those who want to stand out are going to love everything about this manicure.

26. Long Yellow Leopard Nails


Long bright yellow leopard nails and this oval shape are often worn by teen women. Do you enjoy flashy and retro ideas? Do you like cute nail ideas and you want a manicure that is ideal for the summertime period? This is going to mark all your list must-haves! Don’t forget a durable lasting nail polish to enjoy this mani for weeks to come!

27. Leopard Nails Coffin Manicure


An icy white manicure such as this one is going to look so good and attractive. If you enjoy stylish designs and you want something divine, this is for you. Show it off and enjoy its cool tones. Women who want an office-friendly manicure and those who like medium-length nails will fall in love with this gorgeous look.

28. Brown Leopard Nails


Darker nails are going to look so good for the fall or winter time. If you want a sexy cheetah or leopard print and you want a square-shaped manicure, this is for you. Try out some stylish gemstones or accessories on top to add elegance and a classy look. The best time and event to wear this design? You should give them a go for your prom, trust us!

29. Acrylic Leopard Nails Pink Mani


The hot pink color will never go out of fashion. If you like longer nails and you enjoy dramatic looks, give this a go. Just some cheetah print details will make your manicure a dream come true. Women who are in their twenties or thirties will fall in love with this look and this beauty. Don’t forget a high-quality and long-lasting top coat to prolong its wear time.

30. Hot Orange And Pink Leopard Nails


These nails are going to look the best for the summertime season. If you love flashy colors and dominant ideas, as well as quirky looks, this is for you. You should grow them long and strong before you give this manicure a try. Your nails are going to look so trendy when done this way. If you’re a fan of elegance and you enjoy cheetah prints or dotted designs, we know that this is going to suit you. Also, it is the ultimate party manicure.

31. Elegant Nude Leopard Nails


Last, but definitely not least, you should try out these beige cheetah nails. If you like coffin shapes and you want something elegant and trendy, this is it! You should try out these nails for everyday wear and show them off knowing that they’re a must-do look for women who like classy, nude, or clean nails. Go for a high shine to coat and enjoy them in their full beauty.

Well, there you have it, folks! Thirty leopard print nail art designs that are sure to make your nails stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re a fan of bold and daring designs or subtle and elegant looks, there’s something for everyone. So, don’t be afraid to get wild and try out one of these fierce leopard print nail art designs.

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