Kylie Jenner has always been a trendsetter in the fashion and beauty industry, and her nail choices are no exception. Known for her daring and innovative styles, Kylie’s nails have become a source of inspiration for many. From bold, vibrant colors to intricate designs and luxurious embellishments, her nail art choices are as versatile as they are glamorous. They offer a fantastic playground for creativity and personal expression, making them a perfect subject for our latest nail art exploration.

When considering Kylie Jenner-inspired nail art, think about incorporating elements like matte finishes, neon shades, or even more subtle nude tones, depending on your personal style. These designs pair exceptionally well with a range of outfits, from casual chic to evening glamour. They can be a statement piece in your overall look, adding that extra touch of sophistication and style. For those who love a bit of extra sparkle, adding rhinestones or metallic accents can elevate the design, capturing Kylie’s luxurious aesthetic.

As for the cost, recreating Kylie Jenner’s nail art can vary greatly. If you opt for professional salon services, especially with intricate designs or high-end materials, prices can range from $40 to over $100, depending on your location and the complexity of the design. However, for those who prefer a DIY approach, many of these styles can be achieved at home with a bit of practice and the right tools, significantly reducing the cost. In this blog post, I’ll be diving into 30 of these Kylie Jenner-inspired nail designs, offering you a wide range of options to choose from, whether you’re a salon regular or a DIY enthusiast.

1. Silver French

To many, Kylie is an iconic person because of her ever-changing nail designs. It varies from plain and simple nails to some big nails that cannot go unnoticed, with various bright colors and striking details. This simple French on very long nails is silver in color and a little deeper, so it’s not a simple French that is only found at the tips of the nails. It is easy to make and does not require too much time.

2. Crystal Clear

Long crystal clear nails that are a simple pink color give the impression of cleanliness and well-groomed hands, which is why we believe they are on Kylie’s nail list. They fit perfectly into any aesthetic.

3. Deep Red

An indispensable simple red color that has been on the nail list of every girl who does her nails at least once. The color red will always be in fashion and will never leave the trend, which is why it found its way onto Kylie’s nails. We have no doubt that Kylie perfectly matched all of that with her outfits.

4. Summer Nails

Kylie’s vacation pick. Summer colors on slightly longer nails are mixed and made in the form of some dots and circles. They are perfectly matched with rings that are also of different bright colors. These nails can be a good inspiration for your next vacation nails.

5. Orange Drops

You might even be squinting a little trying to figure out if these drops are real or fake. We will help you find out without any problems. These are fake drops, obviously made of nail polish material. They can also be a summer variant. The sea in Italy in August and these nails, why not?

6. Bright Nails

Dots and dots. In all forms, and different colors. Very impressive nails that perfectly suit any shape, be it square or almond, be it short or long.

7. Kylie Lip Kit

Inspired by kylie-cosmetics, a makeup brand created by Kylie. The ideal thing to advertise your makeup. Kylie is very creative, so this move of hers delighted many. These nails look like her well-known lip kit sets. If you like them, you can do them yourself, and our advice is that if you have the means to buy her makeup, combine the two things to have an even more complete look.

8. Cube French

An interesting French on the nails in the shape of a cube. Nails that have both pastel and stronger colors and all that together perfectly fit into one perfectly done nail. With these nails, rings of different colors or simple minimalist rings are a nice decoration. You can combine both.

9. Brownies Bandana

A very nice selection of brown in different shades with interesting details and shapes. You are probably familiar with this nail design from somewhere. It’s a design from those well-known red and black bandanas that people often wear, so you’ve probably owned one in your life or at least known someone who still does. A very creative and interesting movement.

10. Red Waves

“Waves” in different color shades. The nails are drawn in different directions and this creates a very interesting effect. These colors remain noticeable, along with the shape of the nails. The length is not too long, so the nail has a nice expression.

11. Short Orange

Very short nails, which is something Kylie rarely wears! Kylie is recognizable by her ultra-long nails that always have strong patterns and different colors and shapes. But, of course, these nails are also a nice choice and they are very easy to make because they are very short and have only one color, which is bright orange.

12. Natural Color

Natural color, skin color with perfect length. These nails are also one of the simpler ones Kylie has worn, because like we said, this is not the norm for her. These nails are even older because they are from a few years ago. But that certainly doesn’t change the fact that they are beautiful and elegant and go with everything.

13. Happy Flowers

Another design can be a summer design because of the bright colors and flower symbols, which are happy flowers. It’s done in the form of a smiling emoji. Too cute design.

14. Shades

Interesting choice of colors and lengths. Two shades of different colors that go perfectly together. It does not take too much time to make because it is simply painted in plain colors that do not require any drawing.

15. Clean French 

Kylie is known for her love of extravagant and bold nail colors, so this is very different for her. Classic, short and French nails are very simple but very beautiful. They look great on her, and we’re sure they would on you, too!

16. Colorful Cubes

We can see that this picture was taken during the summer, near the pool. Pink, white, blue, brown, orange! All colors are here! Beautiful, colorful and unique, we are sure you will enjoy this manicure for the summer.

17. Colorful French

Given that this picture was taken a few years ago, we can say that Kylie invented a different color of French, or even the colorful French that is so current today. These nails are short, sweet, neat and something you would 100% enjoy!

18. Blue Nails

Plain long blue cube-shaped nails. This shade of blue looks like a slightly lighter version of aquamarine blue. It is beautiful and specific, so this color should absolutely be at least a little more famous than it is!

19. Blue Matte Nails

Taking into account that almost all of Kylie’s nails have blue color on them, we can say that it is her favourite color and that she likes to experiment with it. Matte nails are something that is not so well known today, but they can still be beautiful, and a trend that can be started again!

20. Pink Nails

There is absolutely no telling if her pink nails or these beautiful pink butterfly rings are more beautiful in this picture. Either way – both go beautifully together. With this combination, you can try to add a little glitter on some nails – we are sure that it would leave a completely wonderful impression!

21. Yellow Nails

Another classic: yellow color, medium nail length and cube shape. Kylie certainly preferred to keep her nails simple during this period, but that certainly doesn’t deny that even then her nails were neat and beautiful. This yellow color is very beautiful and can be combined in various ways.

22. Glitter Nails

Don’t these nails give off a New Year’s vibe from 2015 or 2016? Maybe this picture was created around then. In any case, nails like this can be today’s hit, considering that you can revive a long-forgotten trend.

23. Fairy Dust Nails

Looks like Kylie invented the chrome technique long before Hailey Bieber! We’re kidding, but in any case, this nail art is also a bit older, and today this technique, which was done here a few years ago, is very famous! These nails give off fairy vibes, don’t they?

24. All Pink!

Just look at how much pink there is in this picture! From light to dark to medium shades, these nails gave off a Barbie effect before the whole Barbie movie mania happened this year. We know that Kylie likes the color pink, so this nail art is expected from her.

25. Metallic Pink Nails

Metallic pink nails are very common today. And not only in pink, but these nails are also often made in other different colors. In this picture, we have these metallic nails that are a bit longer, but very nice and harmonious for Kylie, considering that she has always loved unusual, colorful and different nails!

26. Rainbow Nails

In addition to the rainbow, these nails are also reminiscent of the well-known bath bombs. They are often made in these colorful colors and are very interesting. Long, striking and colorful nails – that’s what Kylie is!

27. Peach Nails

This color is very interesting. The peach color has not always been so popular, but that’s why Kylie is here to break all prejudices and do what others usually don’t. The nails are long but they are neat and that’s what is most important… after all – Kylie wouldn’t be Kylie if she didn’t have “claws” nails!

28. Pink French Dip

We think these nails may have been inspired by her makeup and cosmetics line. Anyway, the idea for such nails is great and not so common. The effect of these colors that seem to flow together is beautiful, and the color itself is very attractive!

29. Classic Lilac Nails

This color of purple is more of a lilac purple than a purple-purple, but it’s still beautiful and very alluring. We have already seen in this post that Kylie loves colors that will certainly not go unnoticed, so this is another color that is not so well known, but beautiful!

30. Christmas Nails

The color of these nails matches the Christmas tree and they are very long, but they simply suit her because she is a person who will never wear short nails again, but will stand out with the unusualness of her long and unique nails. These nails are gorgeous for the holidays and look so warm and cosy!

31. Leopard Manicure

Leopard French? Say less! These nails scream luxury, sophistication and Kylie. We can see that they go perfectly with the color of her car inside, so we’re sure she enjoyed these nails. Well then, why wouldn’t you? These nails can be a big challenge for those who value their dose of comfort, but trust us – you won’t regret it!

In conclusion, exploring Kylie Jenner-inspired nail art offers a variety of styles to suit any taste. With these 30 creative ideas, you can find inspiration to express your personal style, whether you prefer salon visits or DIY experiments. Embrace the fun and glamour in each design and enjoy making a fashion statement right at your fingertips!

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