Welcome to the world of glitter nails! If you’re a fan of all things sparkly and shiny, then you’ve come to the right place. Glitter nails have been taking the beauty world by storm, and for good reason. Not only do they add a touch of glamour to any look, but they’re also incredibly versatile and can be worn for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a subtle sparkle or a bold statement, glitter nails are the perfect way to add a touch of personality to your style.

Women choose glitter nails for a variety of reasons. One of them is for self-expression. Glitter nails come in a variety of colors and styles, allowing women to express their unique personalities and tastes. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, glitter nails are also practical. They can help to hide small imperfections in the nails, making them a great option for women who have trouble growing their nails or who have uneven nails.

So whether you’re a glitter nail beginner or a seasoned pro, join us on our sparkly journey and let’s get creative with glitter!

1. Black & Green Glitter Nails


These black and green glitter nails are the perfect combination of edgy and sparkly. The color combo looks amazing and there is a sharp transition of them in this design. Also, coffin manicure is a great way to show off your glitter nails.

2. Glitter Nails with Rhinestones


Wow, these long acrylic glitter nails with rhinestones are absolutely stunning! The combination of the sparkling glitter and sparkling rhinestones creates a truly glamorous look. The nude nail polish is a classic one but rhinestones take these nails to a different level!

3. Flashy Glitter Nails


You’re gonna turn heads with this mesmerizing transition from white to shiny glitters above. These flashy nails will make you shine brighter. Plus, you can also have accent nails which are decorated with gold lips nail art.

4. Radiant Glitter Nails


If you are that girl who likes shiny rhinestones and matches them with everything she wears, why don’t you give a shot to this cute pink glitter nails? Two nails are decorated with the same rhinestones but an accent nail which is painted white is used as well as a design where small rhinestones are placed at the top of the nail.

5. Red Glitter Nails


Here is a perfect way to add some sparkle and glamour to any look. You can go for these red glitter nails if you’re looking for a Christmas nail design, too. Showing a perfect balance of boldness and elegance, red color will reveal your inner passion.

6. Pink Glitter Nails


Light and dark shades of baby pink, and a glittered nail polish make the aesthetic of this nail design eye-catching. For glamorous nail designs, you don’t need to cover all of your nails with glitters, so add some gloss to one of the nails just like above. They are perfect for summer!

7. Geometric Glitter Nails


Here is a type of nail art that involves applying glitter in geometric shapes or patterns on the nails. In this design, two accent nails are covered with geometrical lines by combining pink, red and glittered nail polish. For the other nails, big glitter particles are used to stand out.

8. Floral Green Glitter Nails


If you want to be the sparkle queen, here you go! This flashy nail design features a green base color with floral patterns and rhinestones on top to add a sparkly effect. French, ombre and full glitter nail look is used with green and nude color, too.

9. Blue and Gold Glitter Nails


This combination of a pale blue nail polish with big sparkling gold embellishments rock! The baby blue color is a soft and delicate shade that adds a youthful touch to the nails. The gold rhinestones, add a touch of glamour and sparkle to the design. Go and get it!

10. Blue Swirl Glitter Nails


Why don’t you have a blue swirl design with copper glitters? The marble effect inside the swirls features different shades of blue and white colors and offers a unique style. To have fun with these swirls, apply copper colored glitters that frame them.

11. Pink Winter Glitter Nails


This cute pink winter nails will get you in the holiday spirit! Bring on the winter season with a snowflake nail art and tiny nail jewels. All of these nails are decorated with different nail styles but this sparkling pink accent stands out on a coffin manicure.

12. Yellow Glitter Nails


Apply a yellow base color on the almond nail design with shiny glitters added on it. This full glitter coat is ready to add a stylish touch to your everyday look. Plus, the color choice is great since yellow is often associated with cheerfulness and positivity. Go girl!

13. Mesmerizing Glitter Nails


Normally women who prefer a plain look go for a nude nail design but why not turning your nude nails into something super fun and shiny? Apply a gold glitter nail polish for two accent nails and add some glitters to others to achieve a glam look!

14. White Glitter Nails


Are you ready to be the winter queen with these fabulous winter inspired glitter nails? If your answer is yes, cover your nails with small and big silver particles and then add some snowflakes to get into the winter spirit. It’s a relatively simple design since you can do it at home with simple tools by watching tutorials online.

15. Purple Glitter Nails


Symbolizing royalty, nobility and luxury, purple color is a great choice for your next manicure. This color is wonderful by itself but why not adding your own taste to it? The glitter can be applied as sprinkled on top to add a flair. Also, animal print can be used for accent nails to make a statement.

16. White Glitter Oval Nails


You’re gonna fall in love with this nail design! For special occasions such as weddings, proms, and other formal events, this oval shape manicure covered in white glitter is a popular choice. The white glitter adds a touch of elegance and sparkle to the nails, making them a perfect choice for those who want to make a statement with their nails. Go for this clean and glamorous look!

17. Orange Glitter Nails


Orange glitter nails are a popular choice for autumn as they incorporate the warm and vibrant colors of the season. The orange shade is reminiscent of falling leaves and pumpkin patches, while the glitter adds a touch of sparkle and glamour. It’s simple but super chic at the same time.

18. Milky White Glitter Nails


Glitter nails stand out most with this plain but chic look. If you don’t believe us, look at the nail design above which is decorated with silver and copper glitters on white nail polish. Plus, the accent nail with big rhinestones look amazing.

19. Purple Glitter Swirl Nails


Wanna keep your nails natural but eye-catching at the same time? Then, this design is for you! A light or neutral nail polish looks best as the base. To have fun with this color, use purple glitter swirl designs on top of your nails. The good news is that you can apply this nail art at home!

20. Nude Pink Glitter Nails


Nude pink is a great color for everyday wear as it is so soft, yet why not turning it to something super shiny? Sprinkle colorful glitters on top of your nude pink nails in a random way so that you don’t have that full glitter look. This nail design can also be a nice idea for weddings and parties.

21. Lilac Glitter Stiletto Nails


It’s totally insane! This design combines the bold and dramatic look of stiletto nails with the playful and feminine touch of glitter and the softness of the lilac color. Wearing lilac nail polish could symbolize a fresh start or a new chapter in one’s life since it symbolizes the beginning of spring, so go and get it, girl!

22. Glitter Wedding Nails 


This popular nail design for brides-to-be will make you feel like a queen on your wedding day. It features a gradual blending of colors, with the base color being a nude and gradually transitioning to a silver glitter. If you think it is not enough, add some silver rhinestones on top.

23. Black Glitter Nails


When you think about a color that never goes out of style, black will be the first color that comes into your head! Let’s show your own style to this traditional and classic color by applying a glitter top coat. It’s a subtle and sophisticated alternative to make a statement.

24. Blue Glitter Nails


Being a color of the night, dark blue is such a strong color that you can feel elegant to the fullest with it. If you want to have the starry night on your nails, add some glitters for two of your nails and cover one of it with a full glam look. As a nice detail, combine nude and blue colors together and draw a shiny gold line between these two.

25. Green French Glitter Nails


Here is a creative nail idea for you! If you want to get out of your comfort zone and try something different, all you need is a green French manicure. The green color is associated with nature and freshness, and this is what makes it perfect for spring or summer. The addition of glitters complement the overall look.

26. Artistic Glitter Nails


If no glitter was added to these nails, it wouldn’t shine bright like this. Go for a unique French manicure and cover one of your nails with a frame art by using a silver glittered nail polish. Also, get a full glitter look for another accent nail and let everyone be amazed with them!

27. Glitter Yellow Nails


This shade of yellow is fabulous because it adds a playful and fun element to any manicure. It is a playful color and matches with any skin tone, so let’s go for it. Apply yellow nail polish with an ombre and glitter nail design so that you can decorate your beautiful almond nails differently.

28. Fading Glitter Nails


Short square nails deserve the best, right? Go for this perfect design then. The fading effect is achieved by blending the two colors of blue and white together using a brush or sponge. The glitter is usually added to the nails after the base colors have dried, and is applied either by brushing it on or by using glitter nail polish.

29. Flashy Glitter Nails


An ombre nail design that transitions from nude pink to silver glitters to the tips is worth a try to shine! Plus, add round shaped rhinestones to half of your long acrylic nails as well as big sized butterfly rhinestones to have fun with your nails and stand out.

30. Green Glitter Nails


The green color represents the traditional Christmas colors of evergreen trees and holly. The glitter adds a sparkle and shine to the nails, so it makes them perfect for holiday parties and gatherings. Give a shot to this festive look and to make it shinier, you can blue and red colored tiny sparkles.

31. Silver and Copper Glitter Nails


Copper and silver are two colors that matches well with each other, for sure. Why not taking them yo a different level with glitters? You can apply glitters in two different ways. It can be done by applying a base coat of regular nail polish and then applying glitter on top, or by using a glitter nail polish that already contains the glitter particles.

32. White Glitter Swirl Nails 


If you paint your nails with a white glittered nail polish and add black swirling patterns on top, you can achieve the design above easily. The best thing about it is that you can create these swirls at home by using a thin brush!

33. Pink Glitter French Nails


Long acrylic square nails deserve the best, so let’s make them chic and glamorous with this design. It mimics the traditional French manicure but in this one, nail tips are painted pink and glitters are added. You are sure to feel like a princess with them.

Glitter nails are a fun and playful way to add a touch of sparkle to your look. Whether you prefer a subtle glitter accent or a full-on glitter manicure, there are endless options to choose from. From chunky glitter to fine glitter, there is a glitter nail design to suit everyone’s taste. Remember to use a good quality top coat to seal in the glitter and keep your nails looking shiny and new. So, why not experiment with some glitter nails and add a bit of sparkle to your life!

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