Duck nails are one of the latest trends in nail art right now and it’s taking over Instagram! They look a little bit weird but stylish at the same time. Plus, duck nails are a cute way to add some fun to your manicure.

Duck nail art is a 3D nail art inspired by the baby duck. Duck nails are used to create a cute design on the nails. Ducks are made of plastic and are applied over the natural nails. Some people like to use them as stickers, but some people prefer to use them directly on their nail bed because it looks more natural than using as sticker.

To inspire you about which duck nails to apply, we’ve listed more than 30 ideas. Let’s get started!

1. Gemstone Duck Nails

Duck nails with gemstones are a wonderful way to add a touch of glamour to your manicure. The gems are carefully placed on the nail, and can be any shape or size you like. In the example above, big size of golden and silver gemstones are used to give a glamorous effect.

2. Comic Duck Nails

A great way to show off your personality, comic duck nails are an easy way to make your nails look amazing. Thanks to soft pastel colors and black lines surrounding the nails, comic-like image is created and it looks totally amazing!

3. Abstract Duck Nails Design

If you are looking for a more abstract design for your crazy manicure, the design above is for you! It’s not always clear what the artist is trying to express but abstract art is really just an expression of innermost feelings! By the way, if you add pearl bows to your nails, you will shine more.

4. Stunning Pink Duck Nails

Here is another comic inspired duck nails above! This time, there are not only black frames but also drop and heart shapes! Let the beauty of these nails alone, the color combination of black and pink looks adorable! If it is not enough, you can stick little shiny gemstones, too.

5. Pink Glittered Duck Nails

Pink glittered duck nails are a relatively new style, but they have caught on like wildfire. Can you spot the pink chrome French tips? It’s quite amazing to see how glitters and chrome make a great combo on nails. What are you waiting for to get them?

6. Nude Duck Nails with Animal Print

Nude duck nails with animal print is a great look for anyone who wants to look like they’re wearing a costume, but not actually be wearing a costume. It’s also a great way to show off your love of animals and your love of fashion.

7. Duck Nails with Animal Print French Tips

Welcome to the nail jungle! One of the best ways to cheer up your nails is definitely applying animal prints as French tips. The combination of leopard, zebra, tiger and crocodile print is for those who want to show their wild side and look stunning.

8. Bling Duck Nails

A little bit of glitter as well as shiny stones are all you need to rock! Duck nails can help you make a statement yet you can always add your own style on your nails. Add some pearls, playboy and dollar sign to show how cool you are.

9. Decorated Neon Pink Duck Nails

An ornamented neon pink nail design can make you feel like a queen! The effect is pretty incredible, and they’re well worth trying out if you’re looking for a new style!

10. Billy & Mandy Spooky Duck Nails

“The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy” revolves around two young children named Billy and Mandy who go on adventures in their suburban neighborhood. If you are a fan of this cartoon, let’s show the characters on your nails!

11. Khaki Green and Pink Duck Nails

Khaki and pink are both colors that are easy to wear, but don’t have the same kind of association with one another. Khaki is a neutral color, while pink is more of a hot-pink color. This contrast is what makes them unique and stylish!

12. Stylish Pink Duck Nails

Pink animal print nail art is a bold look for those who want to stand out. It’s the perfect way to show off your wild side and give your nails a splash of color. As for your accent nail, apply purple and pink lips on a black base to emphasize them.

13. Decorated Halloween Duck Nails

Halloween is a great time to try something new with your nails! Purple black and orange color combo looks awesome and all the decorations such as a skull, spider and gemstones make this nail design rock.

14. Glittered Nude Duck Nails

Wanna add a little sparkle to your look? Then, use a nude glittered nail polish and stick gemstones on them. It’s the perfect way to be different with duck nails and being classy with nude nails.

15. Black French Duck Nails

Duck nails rock but why not adding something extra to them? Black French nails are great for anyone looking for a subtle, understated nail design. They’re noticeable and give your nails a little extra flair.

16. 3D Metallic Pink Duck Nails

3D Pink Metallic Nails are a style of nail art that uses different shades of pink and silver to create a three-dimensional effect. Go for it to shine bright like a diamond.

17. Red French Duck Nails

Red matte french nails are the perfect way to add color to your look without being too bold. When you want to make a statement, but don’t have the time or energy to do it with an elaborate manicure, red matte french nails are an easy way to get noticed.

18. Duck Nails with a Cloud Nail Art

Cloud nail art is basically just a way to make your nails look like the sky. Plus, if you add some colorful butterflies on top of your nails, you will show the beauty of nature to the fullest.

19. Nude Halloween Duck Nails

Nude nail polish may sound super-light for a Halloween themed nail design but if you apply the nail art above, you will be on the stage. A ghost with heart eyes and barbed wires are all you need.

20. Matte Pink Duck Nails

Matte pink duck nails are a bold, bright color that is sure to grab people’s attention. The matte finish gives you a more polished look than a regular glossy nail, and the pink hue makes you feel like you’re in your own private bubble.

21. Chucky Duck Nails

Here is a nail design that looks scary and stylish: Chucky nails! Chucky dolls are of the most iconic figures of horror. The design can be done on its own or as part of a full-fledged Halloween costume. It all depends on what you’re going for!

22. Duck Nails with Leopard Print

If you want to get really fancy, leopard spots are always a great choice to go for. Leopard French tips will add some flair to your manicure and everyone will check your nails closely.

23. Stylish Pink Duck Nails

I am… I am a material girl! If you are also one of this type of girls, here is an amazing nail design for you. Different shades of pink nail polish are used for duck nails and glitters make these nails shine brighter as well as Chanel decorations on top of them.

24. Matte French Tips with Duck Nails

Are you looking for a great way to show off your love of matte french tips and flame nail art? Then, let’s apply the design above. Use a white matte and nude nail polish to create this amazing look.

25. Orange French Duck Nails

You can wear this manicure with any outfit since orange is such a warm color, yet it is particularly popular with fall outfits. Go and get it.

26. Black Duck Nails

If you’re looking for a bold look that stands out from the crowd, black nail polish is an easy way to do it. When combined with black, your duck nails will gain a lot of attention.

27. Glittered White Ombre Duck Nails

Let’s spice up a plain manicure with a glittered white ombre! The glittery white shade gives off a subtle shine that will make you shine.

28. Duck Nails with Cow Prints

A cow print French manicure is a fun and unique way to get your nails ready for summer! As accent nails, zebra print can be used to make your mani more glamorous.

29. Christmas Duck Nails

Are you ready for Christmas? Then, let’s get into the holiday spirit with your duck nails. A gingerbread and Christmas house look amazing with some shiny details.

30. Duck Nails with Swirl Nail Art

Adding colorful swirls is a simple and fun way to add a little something extra to your nails. Plus, neon colors are a perfect choice for summer.

31. Donald and Daisy Duck Nails

Here is an another Christmas inspired nail art. Donald and Daisy Duck lovers should definitely try it out as soon as possible. Also, with Christmas lights and ornaments, you will get into that spirit easily.

32. Pop Art Duck Nails

Why not using the style of pop art to create a cartoon-like design on your nails? The vibrant colors are ready to make you stand out.

33. White Ombre Duck Nails

The ombre effect gives your nails an elegant look, and makes them appear longer than they actually are. It’s time to apply a white ombre nail design!

Duck nail art is a great way to get creative with your nails. It is easy and fun, and it can be done in any color or pattern that you want. Duck nail art is great for people who want something simple but still interesting enough to stand out from the crowd.

Which duck nails above did you like most? Let us know in the comments!

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