The holiday season is here and it’s time to get our nails ready for all the festive events coming up! Decorating our nails is one of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit. In today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing 30 fun and festive December nail art ideas that will have your nails looking insta-worthy for any holiday party or gathering.

To get your nails holiday ready, it’s all about embracing rich colors, sparkles, and seasonal designs. Glitter polish, jewel accents, and decals featuring Christmas motifs like snowflakes, trees, presents, and candy canes are perfect for channeling December vibes. A dark green or deep red base color popped with some gold foil snowflakes or accent nails with tiny Christmas light decals add just the right amount of festive flair. If you’re headed to a New Year’s Eve bash, a glitter topcoat transforms basic nails into a dazzling party-ready look. The best part is that holiday nails don’t have to cost a fortune. You can easily DIY most looks with tools and supplies you probably already have at home.

I’ll be sharing 30 of my all-time favorite December nail ideas that are as fun to wear as they are to create. Some quick and easy designs are perfect for beginners while other more advanced looks will excite seasoned nail artists. Get ready to be inspired for the holidays!

1. Golden Nails

The color gold is presented differently in each nation. It is predominantly a spiritual color and signifies well-being, peace, and spirituality. The golden color is often associated with winter and New Year’s holidays and is used in room decorations, clothes, etc. If you want to combine your nails in this variant, we have selected these golden pieces on your nails for you.

2. Long Snowy Nails

If you want something really impressive and very noticeable, nails like these long, square and drawn nails are ideal for you. The grey color that sparkles in combination with zircons and white color will surely be your real gain and will remain noticed. Snowflakes with zircons in the middle mean a real little winter on your hands.

3. Starry Nails

The stars are not visible on winter nights because of the whiteness of the sky that is getting ready for snow. But, with just a few movements of your hand and a thinner drawing brush, you can bring them back. To add some detail to complete the look, add some lettering and grey glitter to the top of your nails. This design can be applied to any shape.

4. Silver Gold

A silver-gold nail color that will help you jump out of the warmth and comfort of autumn into a real holiday idyll that arrives in December. These two colors are opposite, but they go together. To decorate the nails, you can draw the lines on which you will place the zircons with gold color and this can be a decoration that you will put on the New Year and Christmas tree.

5. Red Nails

Red nails will always be in fashion and will always be something that can be used every season of the year. But red is a very special color when it comes to the period of winter and winter holidays because it is always associated with Santa Claus. If you are in the winter mood and looking forward to the upcoming holidays, these adorable nails are the right opportunity for you. You can “break” the simple red color with white paint on which you will draw Rudolph or any other winter hero, while on the other nail, you can draw a flower or a snowflake. You can make a Santa hat from the third French nail.

6. Green Nails

A green color that will look perfect on your nails. This green color is the color of a green Christmas tree, so you can decorate your nails with reddish details. If you prefer, instead of red, there can be gold or silver details, because these are the most common winter colors. Jump out of your Halloween nails and into this real winter idyll.

7. Winter Candies

If you don’t want to be late with your holiday nails, we have selected another adorable selection for you. Red short nails that are drawn with motifs of New Year’s sweets and bows. If you want to keep your nails looking more natural, stick to shorter nails.

8. Half Golden French

White gold French on your nails drawn with a thin nail brush. The gold part is coated with glitter that shines. These nails are simple and minimalist, but they are beautiful and they symbolize the winter days beautifully. If you are taking pictures of your nails, don’t forget a white outfit and a gold ring.

9. Purple Nails

Long, beautiful, striking purple nails with symbols of winter. Half matte, half shiny nails. If you like your work and effort on your nails to be noticed, you can add this detail that is poured into sweets and that “hangs” on your nails.

10. Pink Nails

If you prefer a matte color, but would still like to stay with shiny nails, you can easily combine them. The pink color in a matte version on your nails, one of which, the main, middle finger, will have a matte snowflake. The finger to the middle finger will be that shining nail that is decorated with colorful zircons.

11. Matte Nails

A nail design similar to the one from the photo above, but in a matte version, for those of you who don’t like shiny. Pink and white color go perfectly together and those two colors create a real little fantasy on your nails.

12. Pink & Red

Long nails with colors that don’t go together at all, but still make a very good thing. With these nails, you can’t go unnoticed and you will get many curious looks. Rudolph with a red zircon nose is a creative way to express your love for winter. Red snowflakes also attract a lot of attention, as their usual color is white.

13. Red Almond Nails

Back to the classics. Red color with a combination of white, the main symbol of winter and the new year. A beautiful almond-shaped nail will give a complete and beautiful look. The nails are not offensive, but they are beautiful and will be noticed.

14. Royal Nails

These nails from the photo give us the impression of some royal nails, magnificent and prestigious. The details on these nails require more time, effort and skill. Prepare your nerves and patience for something like this, because you will need it. Complete your look with some simple minimalist gold rings.

15. Red French

Beautiful nails with a French that has glitter on it. Simple but beautiful at the same time. Stick to your minimalism, and you will still have a beautiful and neat appearance of your nails. You can make a fat one from one nail which will also be red with glitter.

16. Glittery French

Similar to the nails in the previous photo, only designed in a different color. The golden color with glitter and the French white color that is underlined with a golden line will be one of the better choices for all of you who do not have too much time to spend on your nails but still want to stay neat and well-groomed. Be sure to add rings in the colors of your nails and you will get a beautiful look.

17. Ginger Cookies

Adorable nails with an irresistible ginger cookie design. Paint the base of the nail with a brown color that shines, and draw white lines over it with a thin brush. Add colorful dots on a white surface and it can represent some colorful candy.

18. White Nails

White square nails with white lines, while the main finger is in a transparent color with details of colorful snowflakes, which shine. Such nails give the impression of clean nails.

19. Santa French

A regular red Frenchie with one nail moulded into a Santa hat. Without any additional details and glitter, simple red color. The only thing you will need is one extra brush to draw the white dot on the drop. Simple nails that will keep you in the winter spirit.

20. Blue Nails

Dark blue nails with golden motifs, if you prefer a darker version. Choose your favorite ornament from the Christmas tree and use it to design your nails, just like this photo that serves as your inspiration.

21. Ginger Motifs

I think we all love the Christmas holidays. The spirit for those holidays is special and exudes a certain warmth and cosiness. Gingerbread houses and cookies are as essential to every holiday this holiday as the colors green and red. You can combine all those colors and get a beautiful combination.

22. Christmas Tree

For the base, use transparent gel polish and draw simple Christmas trees over it, in the middle of the nail. A simple move that does not require excessive skill and time, and gives an excellent result.

23. Festive Season

Show your euphoric spirit through the stars of true winter colors. If you don’t want to experiment too much with the look of your nails, stay in your comfort zone with nails like these.

24. Winter Details

If you want your nails to remind you of joy, positivity and holiday spirit, decorate them with different New Year motifs using a combination of red, green and white colors. Use a mix of pastel and bright colors. If you don’t have a tool for drawing on the nail plate, a toothpick will serve the purpose.

25. Candies

Another nail design with candy on it. It is simply the most essential element of winter days and New Year’s holidays, so it is everywhere and is most often represented on the nails.

26. Shine Bright

As Rihanna once said, shine bright like a diamond – with these gorgeous nails that shine! Bring real winter magic to your nails.

27. Snowflakes

Be a real snow queen. If you want to become one, you’ll need to have nails to go with it, as a must-have accessory. Follow this example to perfect icy your nails.

28. Little Snowflakes

Adorable little snowflakes on your hands. When taking photos, don’t forget a white or pink sweater and some winter background, so that the photo looks even more beautiful and conveys the true winter spirit to the people following you.

29. Natural Looking Nails

If you want a natural look for your nails, stick to shorter lengths and transparent gel polish colors. If your job does not allow you to have too long and colorful nails, this photo is ideal as inspiration for your next choice of nails.

30. Rudolph Nails

If you’re into colorful and bright colors, we’ve selected nails for you. Last on our list, but no less beautiful. Stock up on lots of colors and colorful zircons for your next nails, because you’re going to need them for sure. You will enjoy doing these types of nails because the result is excellent.

With 30 fun and festive nail art ideas to inspire you this December, you’ll find endless options to get your nails ready for the holidays. From quick and easy looks to more elaborate creations, you’ll discover designs to match your skill level and seasonal style. Get ready to spread some fingery cheer this month!

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