Coral nails bring a burst of vibrant energy to your fingertips, making them a fantastic choice for those who love adding a pop of color to their everyday look. This shade, a perfect blend of pink and orange, captures the essence of summer and tropical vibes, but don’t let that limit you! Coral nails can brighten up any season, adding a touch of warmth and playfulness to your style. They’re incredibly versatile, pairing well with casual denim days or adding an unexpected twist to formal wear.

When styling coral nails, consider playing with contrasts or complementary colors in your outfit. They look stunning against cool blues and greens, creating a beach-inspired palette. For a more sophisticated approach, pair them with neutral tones like whites, beiges, or light grays. Coral nails can also be a great accessory for floral dresses, emphasizing the lively colors in your ensemble.

As for the cost, getting coral nails done professionally can vary depending on where you go and the complexity of the design. A basic coral manicure might cost you around $20 to $35, but if you’re thinking of adding some art or intricate designs, the price can go up to $50 or more. Don’t forget to check out the 30 coral nail design ideas I’ve listed in this blog post to get inspired and find the perfect look for you!

1. Coral Lines

These colors are bright and can go well with the summer variant of clothing combinations because everything is bright colors, but they can also be combined with other seasons. They are simple to make, yet beautiful to look at.

2. Floral

Short and cute nails with flower decoration, which with its colors fit well with the rest of the nails. This color is ideal for people with a darker complexion, as it will stand out better.

3. Luxury Coral

This design pulls a bit towards a more luxurious look, mostly because of the gold line on some of the nails. The shape of the nail is slightly pointed towards the top and is very noticeable due to the color.

4. Simple Colors

Different shades of coral color that are darker and lighter, and they go perfectly together. The nails are without any details and are simply painted with varnishes.

5. Little Coral

Small and adorable coral nails that are finely done and thus give the impression of a clean and well-groomed hand. Coral color has always been considered a summer color.

6. Minimalistic Coral

Minimalist coral nails of natural shape and length with one small detail in the shape of a daisy flower. The design is irresistible and everyone who notices it will surely be amazed.

7. Simplicity

Other small and short coral nails without any detail are the easiest to do and do not require an hour of your time. You don’t need a lot of tools or skills, it’s enough just to have this kind of paint and a brush to do this, as well as nail lamps to dry the paint.

8. Neon Coral

A slightly stronger shade of coral color that is very striking. You don’t need to add any details to this design because the color itself is very striking.

9. Flamingo Coral

Short monochromatic nails in this color are beautiful. Sweet and irresistible, they are ideal for summer and cheerful summer days, but also spring days.

10. Peachy Coral

This lighter color is lovely. It varies between reddish and orange and looks like the color of a peach, and that’s why it’s even sweeter. The entire palette of coral shades is somehow summery and specific, so you shouldn’t miss it!

11. Gentle Coral

This soft color is wonderful for summer, sunny days. Somehow, it seems to evoke sunshine and good weather, doesn’t it? It is non-aggressive and beautiful in so many ways and goes with nails of various lengths and shapes. What kind of nails will you try this color with?

12. Various Corals

Various shades of coral colors are found in this picture and they are so beautiful and unmistakable. Playing with colors can never be a bad thing and these beautiful nail designs are proof of that. Lighter and darker shades combined give a beautiful result that will take your breath away.

13. Simple Coral

Long, darker coral nails are striking and challenging. Could you rock nails like this? If you think you might save this picture and give these lovely nails a chance! We’re guessing they’ll be one of your favourites!

14. Topical Shades

The tropical shades on these nails are simply breathtaking. This wonderful work requires a lot of time and patience, but the result is phenomenal and something you would be proud to wear. All these shades go so beautifully together and are so harmonious!

15. Snakes

Coral nails with red lines in the shape of snakes that run through two nails. This design is very interesting and the color scheme is completely different because the red color stands out because of its strength.

16. Glittery Nails

Nails of different colors that draw attention to themselves because of their bright colors, and nails with glitter attract special attention. You can choose the shape of the nail yourself because it goes well with everything.

17. Little Nails

We have already put nails like this in some of the photos above and these also belong to a kind of natural nails, because these nails are not moulded and not artificial, they are just coated with coral color and that’s it.

18. Shiny Coral Nails

Coral nails are the most beautiful in the sun! These nails have glitter all over them and are very pretty in the daylight because they shine through.

19. Coral On Darker Skin

Coral nails look nice on darker skin. They pop because they’re bright and the skin is darker, as you can see in the photo above.

20. Peaches

Sweet little peaches are a true herald of summer days and are most often associated with beautiful summer days in Tuscany… if you are planning to travel to Italy, bring summer with you on your nails.

21. Traces

We called these patterns “traces” because they look like traces of some colors spotted on the nails. The great addition of white and silver added a nicer look to these nails and broke up the plain color.

22. Summer Vibes

Coral color is a color that suits everyone and it brings the spirit of summer in every form. The coral color is a mix of different pink and orange tones, so it is best to choose the appropriate color in the following order:
if you have a warmer skin tone, choose a coral polish with more orange shades;
if you have a cool skin tone, choose a coral polish with more pink shades.

23. 5 Shades Of Coral

Each nail has a different shade of coral. This idea is ideal for all of you who are indecisive about which shade to use, so it’s best to put them all on your nails. It will turn out interesting, but also useful and beautiful.

24. Various Lines

Colorful lines in various shades of coral color are a hit. Regardless of whether you come up with a specific idea or not, the best creatives will always do your nails in the best way – so even simple lines can make a masterpiece.

25. Red Coral

This shade of red has floral undertones. It is beautiful for spring and very cheerful, so it will always have a positive effect on your mood. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, with such beautiful and imaginative nails, your appearance will always be striking!

26. Short Coral Nails

Every summer, along with that color classification, brings us a handful of combinations for nail designs. Summer is perfect for exploring and falling in love with beautiful colors and shades. One of them is particularly popular and it seems that it has been on the top list of the most attractive for a couple of seasons now, and that is this coral color!

27. Coral Details

If you need a little look to wake up, that is, to break the monotony, you can pair coral with pink tones, silvery and certainly golden reflections. It is very grateful because it corresponds to a wider range of wardrobe, but also to the occasions you attend.

28. Classic Coral

Modest enough for a business outfit, perfect for daytime variants of outings, and with small accessories in the form of sequins it turns into your ultimate companion for nightlife, coral always seems fresh and sensual.

29. Coral French

Vibrant and delicate, coral manicure will undoubtedly be one of the biggest beauty trends. In addition to all that, details like French on some nails will give your nail art an even more beautiful look, so you will enjoy wearing your favourite colors!

30. Golden Coral

And last on this list, but still very pretty, there are these pink coral nails with gold details that are striking, beautiful and shiny. You can’t go wrong with this choice and we’re sure you’ll enjoy these nails.

That’s a wrap on coral nails! They’re the perfect pick to brighten up your look, whether you keep it simple or go all out. Don’t forget to browse through the 30 coral nail designs in this post for some awesome ideas. Give them a try and add a pop of fun to your everyday style!

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