The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time to get festive with our nail art! Christmas nail designs are a fun way to spread some seasonal cheer on our fingertips. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing 30 festive and creative Christmas nail art ideas to try this holiday season!

Christmas nails are the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. Whether you go for a simple accent nail with a Christmas tree or snowflake, or deck out all 10 fingers with a colorful Santa suit and reindeer design, Christmas nail art allows you to showcase your holiday creativity. The great thing about Christmas nails is that you can choose designs based on your skill level – from easy single color manicures with holly berries accents to multi-color intricate designs with snowflakes and ornaments. I’ll provide tips on how to recreate these looks yourself or get them done professionally. The cost of Christmas nail designs can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the art, with simple designs costing $10-20 for DIY and more elaborate ideas running $30-50+ at a salon.

No matter your budget, you’ll find festive Christmas nail inspiration in this post! Get ready to spread some jolly holiday cheer with your fingertips!

1. Christmas Candies

We don’t know about you, but this is the first time we’ve seen nails like this and we just had to share this idea with you! Red nails with decoration on the inside of the nail. It is an unusual way to express your creativity and celebrate this wonderful holiday. We believe that for most of you, this is the first time you’ve seen nails like these, so why don’t use them as your inspiration for your next nails?

2. Blue Holiday Nails

Short but beautiful. The blue color is a symbol of cold weather, to which you can add other symbols of this holiday. Don’t forget to add snowflakes as a beautiful decoration on your nails. We believe this nail color will bring winter to life.

3. Rudolph Nails

These nails don’t necessarily have to be Christmas-related, they can just be winter, depending on your preference. Rudolph as a decoration is always a good choice. I thought and decided that on the winter days, I would have nails with Rudolph motifs, so maybe we would have similar nails. 😉

4. Red Nails

A type of classic red nails – with reindeer symbols. The symbolic meaning of the reindeer goes beyond Christmas, although especially at this time of year we associate the animal with Santa’s sleigh and Christmas decorations. Reindeer represents sure gait, strength and endurance. When it enters our lives, it makes us sensitive and helps in spiritual transformation.

5. Matte Red

The strong red color in matte form. If you prefer to break up that red color, you can paint two nails with different motifs of Christmas in beige, because the two colors go well together.

6. Green Nails

Almost any color can be the color of the holiday, but we will single out the color green, which can also be characteristic of this holiday. The green color is beautiful and carries a special tenderness and attraction of attention. With this little Elf creature, it will be adorable on your fingers!

7. Pink Nails

Snowflakes are back with us, but this adorable little penguin is something we’re meeting for the first time. Isn’t he adorable? We think it deserves a place on your nails with these other nail details. We are sure that you will delight the people close to you with this selection of nails. If you don’t like pink, we think the baby blue color will go well with the design and shape of the nail.

8. Cube Rudolph

Reindeer/Rudolph in a slightly different version on square nails. If you prefer a different shape of your nails and a shorter shape, a cube is the right choice. It does not require too much time and material investment, and yet it looks decent and beautiful.

9. White Long Nails

If the shape and length of your nails are not enough, we suggest you add glitter that is eye-catching and you can’t go wrong with that. This white color reminds us of the harsh winter when it snows.

10. Red Long Nails

The nails above are similar to these, and if those caught your eye but you’ve been missing something, we’ve found a different version just for you. If you’re not a fan of white, we think red will be your favorite. A snowflake in the middle of the nail will attract curious eyes.

11. Black Christmas Nails

As we mentioned before under some photos, any color can be a holiday color. We found this beautiful design in black and white. If you thought black and white was only a classic color, you were wrong. This kind of design requires a little more time and skill, but we are sure that it pays off in the end because you get a result like this one from the photo. The almond shape of the nail gives the importance and appearance of the nail because it looks more natural and beautiful, but you can certainly do it in any shape.

12. Classic Nails

Classic nail color. Transparent strong nail gel coated with Christmas motifs. It doesn’t require a ton of your time at all, and you’ll be done with a design like this in no time. You can choose the shape yourself.

13. Blue Ginger Cookies

Christmas without ginger cookies? No way. Awaken the true spirit of Christmas with these adorable Christmas and winter cookies, without which Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas. Ginger cookies give us the impression of a warm home on winter days when it’s dark and snowing and if you are tired of the classic orange or red color, make them in a soft blue color and they will turn out perfect.

14. Lollipop Nails

Everyone’s favorite part of Christmas – the candy part. If you regret eating them and they are gone, carry them with you for a while on your nails. The base of the nail can be white or transparent, for a better image design.

15. Ribbons

Short nails with simple red bows. It is preferred for the base to be transparent so that the nail design can be seen better. Red ribbons are also something we decorate our house with, and we can also do our nails.

16. Santa Claus

We almost forgot the main symbol of Christmas – Santa Claus. This holiday cannot be held without him. Red and white nails are the ideal background for this kind of cute drawing that will catch everyone’s eye.

17. Blue French

Let’s jump a little to French nail lovers. French is something that will never go out of fashion, and we bet you will like this combination. Baby blue color with white snowflakes can be your choice for winter nails. Don’t forget a blue sweater when you photograph this masterpiece.

18. Silver Nails

An ideal color for a blue or white outfit. Nails shining in silver glitter will attract attention and we believe that no one will remain indifferent to such nails. It takes a little more time to paint the silver Santa Claus and these stars, but with a little skill, you will overcome all obstacles.

19. Baby Pink Nails

Another version of ginger cookies in pink. If you don’t want too many decorations on each nail, set aside one nail for a ginger cookie and the other for this lollipop. You can add snowflakes to the others, or you don’t have to, the freedom of choice is up to you. The baby pink color is gentle and will show your personality in the most beautiful light.

20. Turquoise Nails

Christmas Disney Heroes! The irresistible Minnie Mouse is looking for a place on your nails. Turquoise is a bit of an unusual color choice for this type of holiday, but it’s also beautiful. Another detail that we haven’t mentioned before is this Christmas tree, which ideally goes with the rest of the nail decorations. We couldn’t resist, how about you?

21. Classic Nails

Do you belong more to the group of people who like classic style? No problem, because we have selected for you another cube shape of nails with a simple decoration that does not require a lot of time at all and does not require any special skill of drawing nails. Simple, but still beautiful.

22. Joy

Are you feeling the Christmas euphoria? Describe your current state in one simple word – joy. We feel joyful about celebrating holidays and decorating cities and homes all over the world. Decorate your nails, and this photo can be an inspiration for you.

23. Purple Lavender Nails

Bright purple and lavender colors for those of you who like to jump out of your comfort zone and do different nails. It is best to do the winter glove on a white nail, as it was done in the photo so that it stands out. These two shades of color complement each other wonderfully and can go well with white winter outfits.

24. Polar Bear

White and beige color – a dreamy combination. All you will need for this design is white nail polish and a thin brush with which you will draw black lines in the shape of a bear. The beige color of his scarf can be “overflowed” on the rest of your nails to create an unusual and adorable design.

25. Winter Stitch

The dark blue color represents a winter night, right? It gives us the impression of those beautiful snowy nights from the winter cartoons that we all loved to watch when we were little. Stitch is mainly found on the beach, but we can add it to New Year’s decorations, mainly because of its dark blue color. French on one nail and white color on the other nail breaks up the strength of the blue color, if it’s too much for you.

26. Realistic Santa Claus

If you are a person who likes challenges, we have selected this photo for you. A realistic Santa Claus on your nail requires a lot of time, patience and skill. Bring this snowy man to life on your nail. We are sure that you will delight the people who see this because it leaves a strong impression.

27. Snowman

Snowman! What wonderful memories of the old winters when we were children, isn’t it? The yellow scarf around his neck adds to the winter look. Also, this drawing requires a lot of skill and patience, without which you cannot make such successful nails. If you miss spring, this little bird next to this snowman can be a herald and a reminder that after winter comes a beautiful spring.

28. Shy Polar Bear

Another polar bear shape, this time in a different edition. This bear gives us the impression of a shy person type, and if you find yourself in his role, he can be an ideal way to show your shy side adorably.

29. Black And White

A technique that requires a minimum of time and thin brushes to draw these simple shapes on the nails. A simple black and white color will be a real decoration on your nails this winter. If you like this a lot, but you are not yet skilled, look for a template in a store to draw these shapes.

30. Ginger

A gingerbread house, a gingerbread tree, a gingerbread cookie and everything gingerbread. Frame your nails with a red and white line and sprinkle glitter on your nails and you will have a real New Year’s celebration. We singled this out as the penultimate, but still beautiful design.

31. Shiny French

And in the last place of our picks, another look of reindeer nails with bows. A shiny red French is an excellent decoration for this type of nail. They are very short, but they give the impression of natural nails, so you can do them on your nails, without the need to pour artificial ones. This also does not take much time. Enjoy the New Year and Christmas holidays with well-groomed nails!

With so many festive and creative options, Christmas nail art is the perfect way to get your nails holiday ready. From simple designs to intricate multi-color art, you’ll find 30 Christmassy nail ideas in this blog post for all skill levels and budgets. Get those nails gleaming and show off your holiday spirit!

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