Burgundy, a rich and luxurious shade that resides on the color spectrum between red and brown, has steadily gained popularity in the realm of nail art. With its deep, wine-like undertones, burgundy nails emanate a sense of elegance, sophistication, and a hint of boldness that make it a go-to choice for fashionistas all around the world. It’s a color that transcends seasons, looking as stunning on a chilly winter day as it does on a crisp fall afternoon.

Burgundy nails have become a trend that’s hard to ignore, offering a chic contrast to the lighter hues typically found in nail fashion. This captivating color allows for an array of design possibilities, whether you’re aiming for a monochromatic look, pairing it with gold accents for a touch of opulence, or exploring its dark and dramatic edge in intricate patterns. People are drawn to burgundy nails for their versatility, their ability to complement different skin tones and outfits, and their undeniable allure that embodies a mix of classic elegance and modern trends.

In this blog post, we’ve curated 30 stunning burgundy nail ideas that will inspire you to embrace this enticing color in your next nail art journey.

Short Burgundy Nails

1. Natural Short Burgundy Nails


Short natural-looking burgundy nails that you’re going to love for the fall season. This will also suit women who enjoy subtle and practical nails.

2. Oval Burgundy Nails


Women who like practical nails will like this oval manicure. It is very easy to rock and is also chip-resistant!

3. Dark Burgundy Nails


Add a subtle detail on top of your manicure if you’re a fan of creative nails. This silver line down your nails will look perfect for a night out and glamorous events.

4. Coffin Shape Burgundy Nails


Go for this gel polish manicure and book the best nail artist you know. Women who love shellac nails will fall in love with this design.

5. Matte Burgundy Nails With Gold


If you enjoy matte nails and you want a feminine manicure, this will suit you. It has some golden flakes and will look amazing when paired with gold jewelry. Want to give it a go?

6. Dark Burgundy Nails


Burgundy short nails that most businesswomen are going to like. If you’re a fan of short and practical nails that you can show off at all times, this is for you!

7. Short Natural Oval Burgundy Nails


Women who like oval nails will fall in love with this burgundy manicure. It is super shiny and will look elegant on most mature women.

8. Simple Burgundy Nails


If you’re in your forties and you prefer elegance, this burgundy mani is for you. Stick to a shorter length for its practicality.

9. Short Coffin Burgundy Nails


Cool coffin manicure with a ton of shine that you will like for everyday wear. Women who are in their thirties will fall in love with this design.

10. Cherry Dark Burgundy Nails


You can quickly and easily do these nails on your own and at home. It will take you 30 minutes to finish the entire design.

11. Natural Nails Burgundy Mani


Make sure that you cut your nails every week if you want them to look as clean and stylish. Women who enjoy square shapes will also fancy this look.

12. Glossy Burgundy Nails


Add a ton of glossy top coat and seal this manicure in place! Women who like soft and feminine nails will enjoy this look

13. Natural Burgundy Nails


Try a manicure like this one and just know that you can do it within a couple of minutes at home. If you fancy shorter nails and that “clean look”, this is for you.

14. Cool Burgundy Nails With Gold


Go for this burgundy manicure and add some gold glitter on top. If you love golden jewelry and you want to make your nails and fingernails pop at all times, this is the right way to do it!

15. Burgundy Nails With Gray Glitter


Add one subtle and small gemstone detail on your ring finger. This way you can rock a feminine design that has that little twist!

16. Cute Burgundy Nails


Paint your nails every 5 days when it comes to this specific shade. Women who enjoy DIY looks will fall in love with this concept.

Long Burgundy Nails

1. Cool Chrome Burgundy Nails


Chrome burgundy nails or shimmery nails will look amazing for the fall season. Women who enjoy longer feisty looks will fall in love with this concept.

2. Long Oval Burgundy Nails


Add several shades and hues of color to your nails. This long and extreme length is on the high-maintenance side, so heads up before you fully commit to it.

3. Dark Burgundy Nails


Oval sexy burgundy red nails that you’ll love for the fall season! Women who prefer sexy designs and elegance will naturally gravitate toward this outcome.

4. Burgundy Nails With Gold


Hot red mani that will look great on anyone! If you’re in your teens or twenties we highly recommend that you give this look a go.

5. Long Oval Burgundy Nails


Be patient when it comes to these nails and growing them out. Women who like oval shapes and sexy nails will enjoy this concept.

6. Glossy & Matte Burgundy Nails


Go for a burgundy-red design, but leave just one nail matte. This coffin or square shape will complement the design the most.

7. Acrylic Burgundy Nails


Cherry dark red or burgundy nails such as these will attract a lot of attention. Give them a try if you enjoy defined and long-lasting glossy manicures.

8. Shiny Burgundy Nails


Try out the coffin shape and stick to this medium length. It is a timeless manicure that you’re going to like, no matter the event!

9. Burgundy Nails Matte Manicure


Not a lot of women like this shape. Do you? If you enjoy pointy stiletto nail creations, we highly recommend that you go all the way out with this manicure.

10. Sparkly Burgundy Nails


Spice up your nail design with this gorgeous bright red color combo, and stars on top! These cute little white details will make any mani feminine and flirty!

11. Nail Art Burgundy Nails


An oval rounded shape that you will like for the fall and winter seasons! Add some hand-drawn details on top to make the design even more intriguing and 3-D-like!

12. Fun Glitter Burgundy Nails Manicure


Are diamonds girls best friends? Do you enjoy long and bold nails? This manicure looks like something from a music video that Nicki Minaj would gladly wear!

13. Burgundy Nails Coffin Mani


If you enjoy coffin or square shapes, we recommend this manicure. It is going to look amazing on younger women who love party-inspired nails.

14. Long Dark Oval Burgundy Nails


Lastly, you can try doing this burgundy manicure & pair it with golden flakes. You will love it for the prom season.

In essence, burgundy nails embody a timeless allure that effortlessly blends elegance, boldness, and sophistication. This versatile shade, with its rich and intoxicating hue, offers a world of creativity and style that transcends seasonal trends.

As we’ve explored, from monochromatic simplicity to ornate designs with gold accents, the possibilities are truly endless. Our curated list of 30 burgundy nail ideas is a testament to this color’s incredible potential. As you embark on your next nail art endeavor, let the richness of burgundy inspire you to create a look that is uniquely yours and undeniably captivating.

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