Ah, the iconic Barbie doll! A symbol of beauty, grace, and style. She’s been a beloved toy for generations of little girls, and has inspired countless fashion trends and beauty looks.

If you’re looking to create a nail art design inspired by Barbie, there are so many possibilities! You could go for a classic red or pink manicure, reminiscent of Barbie’s signature look. Or, you could get creative and try a bold, colorful design that reflects Barbie’s playful and adventurous spirit.

One idea could be to create a nail art design that features Barbie’s face or silhouette. You could use a small image of Barbie as a decal, or paint her on your nails freehand. You could also incorporate some of Barbie’s favorite accessories, like her signature purse or shoes.

Another idea could be to create a nail art design that reflects Barbie’s love of fashion. You could paint a miniature runway or fashion sketch on your nails, complete with tiny models and fashion accessories. Or, you could create a design that showcases Barbie’s favorite fashion trends, like polka dots, stripes, or florals.

Whatever design you choose, be sure to use bright, bold colors that reflect Barbie’s playful and fun personality. And don’t forget to add a touch of glamour with some sparkly nail polish or rhinestones!

Now, let’s get started on the 30 Barbie nail design ideas I have in store for you. From classic and elegant to bold and playful, there’s something for every Barbie fan. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired!

Estimate cost: $10-$20, depending on the complexity of the design and the materials used.

I hope you enjoy these Barbie nail design ideas! Let me know if you have any questions or need more inspiration.

1. Barbie Nails Inspo


Place a marble print on some of your nails to achieve this gorgeous manicure. If you love nail art and you prefer brighter colors paired with square shapes, this beauty is for you. Go for a glossy top coat to fully enjoy this Barbie fantasy.

2. Barbie Nails 2023


An oval-shaped or almond manicure is seen as something elegant and sweet, as well as perfect for those who like elegance and nails that are harder to break or peel. This design is a must-do thanks to its chrome design which fully rounds up the feminine look. The best part about this manicure? You can do it all on your own and with ease.

3. Short Pink Barbie Nails


Shorter nails can look so good for everyday wear. If you enjoy simpler manicure ideas and you want an everyday appropriate look that is easy to do in the comfort of your home, this is for you. Go for all of these pink shades and add a pop of glitter as well. If you’re someone who likes low-maintenance nails and you don’t want to spend a bunch of money on your Barbie manicure, this is what we recommend you get.

4. Coffin Barbie Nails


Hot pink Barbie nails are a must-try for the summertime season. If you are a true lady who loves elegance and you prefer longer manicures plus you love that retro pattern, we know that this is for you. Define your edges with the right nail file and show off everywhere you go.

5. Barbie Nails With Glitter


Light Barbie pink nails that are going to look out of this world! Women who plan on getting married soon will also fall for this design. Add some details and stickers on top to achieve this design. If you are all about big, bold, and dramatic looks, this sharp Barbie look is the right one for you.

6. Barbie Nails With Cheetah Print


Barbie nails with a cheetah pattern are going to look so retro and trendy. If you’re in your twenties or teens this is going to look so good on you. In fact, it is a popular trend that most girls love to follow these days. Just check out TikTok or other social media and you will see them pop everywhere!

7. Barbie Nails With Glitter


This Barbie pink manicure is a must-try and a must-book for the summertime season, and especially for the prom. If you enjoy glitter and you want a feminine lady-like outcome, this is going to suit you. Pair it with a coffin shape and recreate the exact same style.

8. Barbie Nails Long Acrylics


How long is too long in your mind? Do you enjoy acrylic nails? If you’re someone who likes longer ideas and you want some gemstone details on top, this beauty will speak to you. Add these clear gemstones on top and consider a French tip. You will love the outcome and will want to show it off for your next formal gathering.

9. Oval Barbie Nails Pink Color


Try out light pink nails and add some subtle glitter all over. This oval shape is going to look the prettiest on women who are off to formal events and gatherings. If you’re a bride-to-be we also know that this is something up your alley. Don’t forget some stylish jewelry as well to round up this princess look.

10. Pink And Purple Barbie Nails


Try out light pink and purple shades together if you’re a picky girl. These two colors are going to suit anyone who loves formal and feminine hues. This manicure is a must-try for whenever you wish to stand out and look dominant. The final design is easy to achieve with acrylics or gel extensions, but this is entirely up to you.

11. Glitter Barbie Nails French Manicure


Coffin manicure with pink glitter is a gorgeous look for everyday wear. If you’re a bit extra and you feel like a stylish Barbie yourself, this is for you. This Barbie trend will not go away anytime soon, so why not fully enjoy it and embrace it the best you can?

12. Short Barbie Nails With Nail Art


Try out this subtle and low-maintenance Barbie manicure if you’re looking for something easy to do and at the comfort of your home. Women who have short oval nails are going to enjoy this mani. Just make sure to have three or four pink nail polish colors to show off this exact same nail combo.

13. Hot Bright Pink Barbie Nails


You should invest a couple of months to grow your nails to this length. If you fancy coffin designs and you’re a fan of bright pink colors, this is for you. Add some subtle glitter on top as well to recreate this look. Anyone who is in their twenties will fancy this beauty, as well as its glamour.

14. Ombre Barbie Nails


Why not recreate this reverse ombré manicure? Women who love milky shades and those who want something feminine will like this look. Go for an oval shape to prevent them from cracking or breaking easily. Just two coats of color will be enough for you to get this stylish look for any event or gathering.

15. Barbie Nails With Polka Dots


Hot bright pink nails with some cute dots on top are the ultimate Barbie design! You should grow them long and strong to get this exact outcome. White dots on top are super retro and flattering, resembling a lot of the Barbie era, as well as those crazy 70s.

16. Natural Barbie Nails


You can try out shorter nails and show them off when at work. If your job is very strict about longer nails and if you don’t have the freedom to do whatever you like or super long acrylics, this is for you! This design is going to look amazing for your office hours and when you’re trying to make a fierce statement during meetings.

17. Bright Pink Barbie Nails French Manicure


Hot bright pink acrylics and this French design is the perfect choice for party girls. If you’re all about making a statement and you enjoy drama, this is for you. If you’re in your twenties to thirties this should find its way on your to-do bucket list. Ready to express yourself?

18. Chrome Barbie Nails


Chrome nails are everywhere this year, so it only made sense for them to make our Barbie list as well. Do you love dramatic nails, and do you like all the shine? If you’re a fan of longer ideas and you love pointy shapes, this is for you! These can look good when done as acrylics, gel nails, or even if you glue them on your own. They are really affordable, as well as easy to find in most stores or online.

19. Barbie Nails With Nail Stickers


You can try out some stickers and enjoy this Barbie dream. Women who love bubblegum, art, as well as retro creations are going to fall for this look. Go for some of the quirkiest and best stickers to achieve this beauty. Don’t forget a high-quality top coat to prolong their wear time, as well as their shine.

20. Long Barbie Nails Coffin Shape


Not everyone would dare to go all out when it comes to their acrylics, would you? If you’re a creative girl and you enjoy some creative and colorful looks, we know that this is going to suit you. These will take a couple of hours to do, so be ready for the commitment. Once done properly they will look classy and party-perfect. So, what do you say? Come on and do these beauties on your own!

21. Almond Barbie Nails With Stickers


Barbie nails have emerged as a popular trend, reflecting the doll’s vibrant and diverse personality. If you are a diverse girl and you enjoy longer nails with a pop of glitter and gold on top, this beauty is for you. A homage to Barbie’s signature color, classic pink nails evoke the doll’s timeless charm. Ready to show them off?

22. Barbie Nails Light Pink Manicure


Barbie’s glamorous side is perfectly captured through glitter and sparkles. Whether as an accent nail or an all-over look, adding a touch of shimmer to your nails pays homage to Barbie’s dazzling persona. Are you ready to shine your way through while rocking these beauties?

23. Long Almond Barbie Nails Design


Whether you’re heading to a special event or simply want to express your inner fashionista, creating Barbie nails is a fun and artistic endeavor. Decide which aspect of Barbie’s aesthetic resonates with you the most. Are you drawn to her signature pink, her glitzy glamour, or her playful prints? Either way it may be, this will intrigue you!

24. Chrome Shimmery Barbie Nails


Barbie nails often feature a mix of bold and pastel shades. Experiment with a variety of colors that embody Barbie’s spirit. Don’t be afraid to mix and match! These long and milky nails are going to look the best on party women, as well as those who enjoy drastic

25. Long Artificial Barbie Nails


Depending on your chosen style, start creating your desired nail art. Whether it’s painting, adding glitter, creating patterns, or even affixing small Barbie-themed decals, let your creativity flow. If you want to go all out and enjoy your new feisty nails with big gemstones on top, this is for you.

26. Barbie Nails Ombre Transition


Short and subtle, these cute little nails are going to suit women who love simpler nails the most. You can also give them a go if you’re looking for everyday nails that you can wear to work. Whether you’re reliving nostalgic moments or exploring Barbie’s modern interpretations, Barbie nails let you showcase your unique style with a touch of whimsy.

27. Stiletto Barbie Nails


In a world where self-expression is celebrated, Barbie nails stand as a testament to the doll’s timeless influence on fashion, beauty, and creativity. If you enjoy dark and hot pink nails and you want to add some cute glitter or gemstones on top, this is a must-try for you. Show them off for every big or simple event, knowing that they are timeless.

28. Oval French Barbie Nails


You can channel your inner Barbie with nails that exude confidence, playfulness, and an unapologetic love for all things glamorous. Barbie’s influence will undoubtedly continue to shape the world of play and inspire young minds for years to come. Are you ready to “shape” your nails how she tells you to?

29. Prom Barbie Nails


Bold, confident, and undeniably eye-catching, bright pink nails are a fantastic way to make a statement and show off your fearless sense of fashion. These long acrylics with glitter and sparkle are going to show off your femininity, playfulness, and positivity.

30. Barbie Nails Barbie Art


Begin by prepping your nails – trim, shape, and buff them to create a smooth canvas for your nail polish. If you are feeling adventurous you can also draw on top and enjoy your nail art. These little and cute hearts will symbolize your love for others, as well as the Barbie movie itself.

31. Stylish Barbie Nails


The world of pink is vast, ranging from delicate pastels to bold neons. When opting for bright pink nails, consider the undertones that suit your skin tone best. Warm undertones tend to pair well with coral or magenta pinks, while cool undertones complement fuchsia and hot pink shades.

32. Everyday Short Barbie Nails


Lastly, try out this short pink oval chrome manicure and enjoy these nails for everyday wear. If you are a low-maintenance type of girl and you prefer everyday stylish ideas plus you think you can do your nails on your own, these will suit you. Don’t forget a shiny top coat as well to prolong the wear-time of this manicure.

And there you have it, my fellow Barbie enthusiasts! Thirty fabulous nail art designs inspired by the one and only Barbie doll. Whether you’re a fan of classic red or bold, bright colors, there’s something on this list for everyone. So, go ahead and get creative, and let your nails do the talking. After all, as Barbie herself once said, “Be yourself, because an original is worth more than a copy.” Happy nail art-ing, my friends!

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