Baddie nails are all about that bold and edgy look that turns heads wherever you go. Think of them as your nails but with a dose of attitude and style. They’re perfect for anyone who loves to stand out and make a statement without saying a word. Picture cool shapes, eye-catching designs, and maybe a bit of bling to really show off your personality.

We’re going to check out 30 awesome baddie nail ideas that’ll get you inspired for your next nail appointment. You’ll see everything from simple and sleek designs to super detailed and flashy ones, perfect for any vibe you’re going for.

Talking about cost, baddie nails can range a bit. You might pay anywhere from $30 to $50 for something on the simpler side, but if you’re all in for the glam with jewels or custom art, it could go up to $100 or more. It’s all about how bold you wanna go and making those nails a part of your vibe.

1. Baddie Fire Nails

What are baddie nails without fire? We’d say this style can’t go without fire, right? Fire is always associated with the wild side of the human personality, and this style of nails is recognizable by the fact that it shows the wild side, for this style strong colors, are used that are striking and long length.

2. Royal Baddie

If you want to awaken your wild side without drawing many things on your nails and avoiding details, these royal blue nails are ideal for you! They are long, have a pointed tip and are a simple blue color. This color is deep and will catch people’s attention.

3. Aqua Nails

These nails remind us of some creature from the depths of the sea because of the combination of blue-purple color and black color with white dots on it, like an octopus. Drops over the nails additionally complete the look. This design is a very interesting way to awaken your baddie side.

4. Hot Cocoa

Nails are the color of hot cocoa on winter days. These nails are warm in color and are very pretty and easy to do, yet will bring out that baddie side and compliment the nail style perfectly. It will attract attention even though there are no excessive details.

5. Chrome Nails

Very interesting and striking nails of chrome purple color with details of black patterns, similar to animal print. These nails have enough detail and are such colors that they will attract attention. The shape is just an addition to that because it is pointed.

6. Fall Set

A beautiful fall nail set that you can save for next fall to fit into the fall spirit and fall colors. This set contains everything that autumn contains, from the colors to the details. These flowers, which are golden in color, will shine in any light.

7. Hello Kitty

The very popular Hello Kitty is often associated with the baddie nail style. It can often be found as a detail on clothes, nails and other things on a person. Hello Kitty has been even more popular and popular lately, so we advise you to follow that trend with the help of this photo.

8. The Crown

The black color in combination with the gold color somehow exudes some elegance and luxury. These nails are black and have a golden crown as a detail. This design is very tempting and we believe that you will not go wrong with this choice.

9. Vampire Fangs

To express your wild side, you don’t have to have long nails in striking colors, and this photo is proof of that. This photo has nails that are not the same length, but two nails are pointed and longer in shape than the others which are square. The base color is pink and the blood is done in a very red color and with this you will get vampire teeth.

10. Bow Nails

The right choice for baddie nails. The black color with black grease runs along the length of the nail. Red zircon comes as a real hit on this look of the nails.

11. Spooky Nails

Although we’re months away from Halloween, nothing is stopping you from bringing the spirit of the holiday into the other months as well. These nails are the perfect inspiration for that. They contain everything that alludes to that holiday, from red and burgundy mixed with black to spider webs that are bloody, etc.

12. White Baddie

White is the ideal color for all occasions. It goes with a classic style, an elegant style, a formal style, a street style, and even a baddie style. These nails are usually pointed, just like the photo and have some details that are silver in color to match the look. These nails go with any outfit.

13. Love Web

Black and purple are a perfect match! We called this a love net because the net is made of a heart. This style is irresistible and the design is extremely attractive and impressive. If you are a fan of stronger colors, this match is for you.

14. Silver Chrome

The beautiful silver chrome look will be a real attraction to your nails. Chrome has been very popular lately and we think it deserves to be on our list. You will not regret this choice, and we are sure that you will make a good impression on everyone who notices them.

15. Neon Green

Another of the recognizable baddie nail colors is neon green. This color is closely associated with everything that has to do with the wild side of the personality, so it can easily be found on the nails. This color is accompanied by various striking details of red colors. You will need a little more time for these nails, but when you see the result you will be satisfied.

16. Kuromi Nails

Just like Hello Kitty, Kuromi is another more famous character that appears in different places and forms. From clothing combinations to jewellery and nails. Accompanied by silver chrome that shines brightly, Kuromi will look for a place on your next nails.

17. Silver Metal Nails

These nails have some New Year’s Eve spirit because of their colors and details. Silver color combined with grey and white is a real New Year and a real New Year’s Eve when everything is elegant and beautiful. These nails are great for holidays like these.

18. Cross And Saturns 

Another variant of nails with the planet Saturn and crosses. This color is a dark blue that flows into black and is a very nice combination.

19. Animal Prints 

Slightly longer nails with a bright pink base and animal print on the tips of the nails. The animal print is sprinkled with glitter, which further attracts attention.

20. Red Nails 

Red nails with grey details are one interesting choice you can make on your nails. The details are extremely noticeable and the decoration is silver in color, just as befits the baddie style.

21. Beautiful Green

A beautiful emerald green color that exudes baddie style! Don’t miss these beautiful nails, because they are a hit for your next nails. These nails are simple, and the shade of color is irresistible and noticeable.

22. Corset Nails 

Nails reminiscent of some black goth corset with bows. These nails are extremely interesting, also noticeable and beautiful. You will amaze many with these nails, and you will also be able to combine them perfectly with all clothing combinations, especially black and white ones.

23. Green Aura 

Nails that, with their color and details in the middle, resemble some kind of aura. These nails are ideal for some exotic summer places because of the combination of their colors.

24. Hearts 

A beautiful combination of black and white color and matte and shiny style. We believe that it was extremely interesting to make nails like this, and you can try it yourself. These nails are irresistible, they have everything you need. White hearts are a great choice as decoration.

25. Black Nails

Black nails will always be something to use as inspiration and something that you can easily combine. These nails are interesting because of the unusual details and patterns. A transparent nail with black marks is the most impressive.

26. Black Stars 

Black or white, stars will always be a beautiful phenomenon, both in the sky and on the nails. These nails are a shorter version of the baddie style, which is not as common, but still acceptable and the colors are the ones that attract the most eyes.

27. WizardLiz 

Fires, eyes, strong striking colors and wizard lizards. What better way to turn your nails into real baddie nails? These nails are the ideal thing for that and it is impossible to walk past them and not notice them. These nails require a little more skill and time, but with work, everything is always worth it. The result is fantastic.

28. Sky Full Of Stars 

Cause you’re a sky, you’re a sky full of stars…  Bring a real starry sky to your nails. Baddie nails can also be variants of minimalist nails and designs as done and presented in the photo.

29. Autumn Nails 

Fall nail designs never get boring, so we’ve added another one to our list. These nails can also be considered fall nails because of their colors and simple and beautiful designs.

30. Black&Red Baddie Moment 

Nails in grey, black and red will leave you breathless. These nails are extremely interesting and have interesting and unusual details. Silver balls will add to the look, and draw some lines and pretty details around it.

31. Kitty Nails 

Real kitten nails that are black with silver details in the form of stars, crosses, etc. Decorate the nails with additional rings of a simple silver color without excessive details, because there are enough of them on the nails.

So, if you’re looking to amp up your nail game, baddie nails are where it’s at. With a bunch of cool designs out there, you’ll definitely find one that screams “you”. It’s all about showing off your style and feeling confident. So, pick a baddie nail design that fits your vibe and get ready to make your nails your new favorite accessory.

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