Almond French nails are all about mixing that classic French tip look with a sleek almond shape. It’s a cool way to keep things simple yet stylish, perfect for any occasion, whether you’re at work or out with friends. They have a way of making your hands look pretty neat without trying too hard.

For styling, these nails go with pretty much anything. They can make a plain outfit look more put together or add a subtle touch of class to your fancy dress. You can choose between a shiny or matte finish to match your vibe.

Getting these nails done usually costs between $30 to $60, depending on where you go. It’s a nice treat for yourself, making sure your nails look great. Next up, we’ll dive into 30 different nail art and design ideas that take almond French nails to the next level, giving you plenty of inspiration for your next nail look.

1. Pastel Green French

The almond shape of the nail is the most beautiful shape for the French because they follow it perfectly. The pastel green colour as a choice for French is an ideal colour that will come out beautifully and this colour can also be a spring colour because it is bright.

2. White French

Short, almond-shaped nails with white French are common and the white colour for French is the most famous among the French. We believe that each of you has at least once seen a person with white French nails or that you had such nails. Regardless, this choice is great and goes great on all occasions.

3. Deep French With Gold Details

If you would like to decorate your white French, small details in gold at the bottom of the nail will be ideal. These details are eye-catching, but at the same time, they are also exquisite and go well with the white colour of the deep French.

4. Red French

Can anything go without red when it comes to nails? We’d say the answer is no. Red is, next to white, the most common colour chosen for nails, whether it is French or any other design. It fits perfectly with everything, so this French is also very attractive and beautiful.

5. Hearts

The hearts and pearls are such a beautiful sight. This combination is ideal for Valentine’s Day, but since it has passed, you can make it without the holiday. Nails are striking and beautiful, so we are sure that someone will steal your idea and do them 😉

6. Black French

Another classic nail colour – black. This black French has an elegant and luxurious look, so you can combine it perfectly with such outfits. It is striking and attractive, and also easy to make because it does not require a lot of time. Black always goes well with other colours and outfits.

7. Colourful Zircons

Once again white French, but with a small addition in the form of colourful zircons as details. These nails are interesting and will attract the attention of many because they have impressive details, namely these zircons in various colours. There are gold dots in between the zircons which are another nice addition.

8. Light Blue French

Like the first nails that were pastel green, these light blue pastel nails are delicate and will express your femininity beautifully. The blue colour in this shade goes well with white clothes, so you can easily match them with everything.

9. Emerald Green

One unusual and beautiful colour – emerald green is in front of you. The French, which has a slightly different design than the usual one, went well with this colour and light base of the nail, and the green zircon in the middle completed the look completely. This French is only drawn with two green lines and is not painted in the middle, so it will be extremely noticeable and interesting.

10. Floral Nails

White French in combination with flowers. In this case, two nails are completely covered with small flowers of different delicate colours, while the rest is done with white French polish. Where the flowers are, the base is transparent, as with the French ones, so the flowers are pronounced and blend in nicely. These nails are perfect for the upcoming spring days.

11. Lavender French

Another floral design that is interesting and original. The French are underlined with a white line, and where the flowers are there is a transparent base and the flowers are purple, that’s why it’s called lavender nails. The selection is beautiful.

12. Colourful Design

Another nail that can be perfect for the upcoming spring and sunny days. These nails are frenched in different colours, some are pastel and some are not and it’s a nice combination. Some nails have little flowers that allude to spring days and the blooming of the first flowers.

13. Swan White

For some reason these nails resemble swans, we don’t know about you. If you like them, feel free to use this photo as inspiration. These nails are very elegant and attractive, and their appearance and colour leave a gentle impression. The zircons fit perfectly and completed the already beautiful look.

14. Fall French

The colour brown will always be closely associated with autumn. It is an autumn colour that is warm and always associated with autumn rainy days in warm and comfortable sweaters. Of course, you can have nails like this if you like the brown colour, so they can be like this for the whole year, without autumn days. The choice is yours.

15. Gentle Shades

This colour is so gentle that we can hardly tell if it is baby pink or white. The line between the two is fine, but whatever colour it is, the nails look beautiful and look very clean and tidy. The base has a shine over it that makes the nails shine even more beautiful

16. Black Widow

Another black French nail. If you don’t like shiny colours and nails, you can do these types of nails only in the matte version and we are sure that you will like them. With this black colour, you can add some silver glitters to the base of the nail and we are sure that you will get a perfect result that you will love.

17. Deep French

A very deep French that is white and that French comes halfway up the nail. If you don’t like plain French, this photo is the right choice for you. Do not forget the gloss that will allow the nails to shine in any light source.

18. Classic Black

A thin black line that represents French and is very easy to make is right there on your screen. These nails are extremely easy to make and you won’t need much time to do and finish them, and the result is satisfying.

19. White French… Again

Long, pointy nails feel like such a good idea until you poke a hole through your favourite pair of Lululemon leggings 💔 but regardless of that, these nails are beautiful and go beautifully with all colour combinations, so they are also beautiful with white colour as you can see in the photo.

20. French On Half-Almond And Half-Pointed

These nails are not completely almond-shaped, but we can’t say they are completely pointed either, so we think they are on some golden medium. Certainly, these nails are classic and decent. Choose the length yourself, because this design goes with all lengths and sizes of nails.

21. Natural Lenght

For these nails, we would say that they are of a natural length and that this deep French perfectly came to expression at this length. Instead of white, if you don’t like it, you can use any other colour, depending on what you like.

22. Ghosts

The Halloween season may be over, but you can have the holiday spirit all year round. Some people wait all year for that one season, so you can celebrate in advance with these adorable nails. White colour in combination with white and black French is a perfect combination because you will never go wrong with those two colours. These little ghosts are adorable, so we’re sure you’ll love them and the people who see them will love them too.

23. Pink&White

A slightly unusual French that is a combination of two colours that blend beautifully into each other. The pink colour and the white colour do not intersect in any part, but the white French simply appears on top, without any transition. Silver zircons completed this look.

24. Long French Nails

Long French with a fine and delicate base is always a hit. If you like long nails and think you can pull them off, this nail art will amaze you and we’re sure you’ll come back to it many times. Simple and popular for many years, we are sure that it will never go out of style!

25. Deep White French

Deep white French with pink shimmer. Do you like how good it sounds? And if, along with how good it sounds, you also see this photo, we’re sure you won’t be able to remain indifferent. Such neat, beautiful and simple but different nails will surely win all your sympathy!

26. Different Shades Of Green

This “messy” nail art is a big trend lately. Different techniques are used on each finger, resulting in different looks on each nail. Different and unusual, these kinds of nails in different colours are a hit and very beautiful!

27. Pink French

Plain pink French with zircons on some nails. This technique is beautiful and especially comes to expression when it is done with some other colours… baby pink in this case is promising, feminine and enchanting. Would you give these nails a chance?

28. French Swirls

White colour, various swirls, zircons… absolute heaven for girls. We are convinced that this kind of nail art is something completely different and that many people will like it. Jump out of trends and be authentic!

29. Classic Red French

The simple French technique on these nails takes your breath away. The red, carefully executed, thin line is beautiful and shows wonderfully how wonderful and simple French can be. Why not try something different?

30. Lollipop Nails

Welcome to Candyland! Such nails can symbolize happiness and summer, but also a state of mind that you can always have and that is independent of the season. Make your inner child happy and treat yourself to this beautiful nail art!

Wrapping up, almond French nails are a fantastic choice for anyone looking to blend elegance with simplicity. They offer a versatile and sophisticated look that fits seamlessly into any style, ensuring your nails are always a topic of admiration. With the range of designs we’ve explored, there’s no shortage of inspiration for your next nail adventure. Whether you decide to stick with the classic look or try something new from our list of 30 ideas, almond French nails are sure to keep your nail game strong and stylish.

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